Things to know about anxious attachments

Attachment styles are not fixed and can change over time with personal growth, self-reflection, and the development of healthier relationship

Published on Jun 04, 2023 12:59 PM IST 6 Photos

Anxious attachment is a term used in psychology and attachment theory to describe a specific style of relating to others. Individuals with anxious attachment tend to have a heightened need for closeness and reassurance in their relationships, but often feel insecure and worry about abandonment or rejection. Here are some important things to know about anxious attachment.(Unsplash)

Attachment Theory: Attachment theory, developed by psychologist John Bowlby, suggests that the quality of early relationships with caregivers influences an individual's attachment style later in life. Anxious attachment is one of the three main attachment styles, alongside secure and avoidant attachment.(Unsplash)

Fear of abandonment: People with anxious attachment often have a deep fear of being abandoned by their loved ones. This fear can lead to clingy and dependent behaviors, as they constantly seek reassurance and attention from their partners.(Unsplash)


Hyper-awareness: Individuals with anxious attachment tend to be hyper-aware of changes in their relationships. They may overanalyse and magnify small signs of potential rejection or distance, which can escalate their anxiety and lead to emotional turmoil(Unsplash)

Need for reassurance: Anxious attachment involves a strong need for constant reassurance and validation. These individuals seek regular affirmation of their partner's love and commitment to alleviate their insecurities.(Unsplash)