Photos: The Chinese take to the streets over country’s 'zero COVID' strategy

Beijing and Shanghai witnessed public outrage against the state yesterday and today, with the public shouting slogans such as "Xi

Published on Nov 28, 2022 06:24 PM IST 8 Photos

Protesters demonstrate over the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) restrictions, in Beijing, on November 27. Most protesters focused their anger on restrictions that can confine families to their homes for months. Some complained the system is failing to respond to their needs.(Thomas Peter / REUTERS)

Demonstrators raise slogans on a street in Shanghai on November 27. There were cries heard for the resignation of Xi and the end of the Communist Party that has ruled China for 73 years, which could be deemed as sedition, and is punishable by prison.(Hector Retamal / AFP)

Police personnel stand guard during a protest over the Covid-19 restrictions, in Beijing, on November 27. In response to the protesters, police in Shanghai used pepper spray to drive away demonstrators. China’s vast internal security apparatus is also famed for identifying people it considers troublemakers and picking them up later when few are watching, AP reported.(Thomas Peter / REUTERS)


Onlookers stand by the road during the protest in Beijing, on November 28. The normally supportive head of the World Health Organization has called “Zero COVID” unsustainable. Beijing dismissed his remarks as irresponsible, but public acceptance of the restrictions has worn thin, AP reported.(Bloomberg)

A woman gets tested at a nucleic acid testing site, in Shanghai, on November 28. China's stringent measures were originally accepted for minimizing deaths while other countries suffered devastating waves of infections, but that consensus has begun to fray in recent weeks.(Aly Song / REUTERS)