Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll pass 9,500, India sends humanitarian aid

Turkey’s disaster management agency said the country’s death toll had risen to 7,108, bringing the overall total to 9,638, including

Published on Feb 08, 2023 04:11 PM IST 10 Photos

The death toll of earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and Syria on Wednesday rose to more than 9,500, making the quake the deadliest in more than a decade. India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that India is providing materials, supplies, medical supplies, and equipment, to Syria as well as sending search and rescue teams to Turkey under 'Operation Dost'. (REUTERS)

"Under #OperationDost, India is sending search and rescue teams, a field hospital, materials, medicines and equipment to Turkiye and Syria. This is an ongoing operation and we would be posting updates," Jaishankar tweeted. (AFP)

Turkey now has around 60,000 aid personnel in the quake-hit zone, but with the devastation so widespread many are still waiting for help. (REUTERS)


Pope Francis offered his prayers for the thousands of victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey on Wednesday and called on the international community to continue to support rescue and recovery efforts. "I am praying for them with emotion and I wanted to say that I am close to these people, to the families of the victims and everyone who is suffering from this devastating disaster," he said(REUTERS)

According to aid organisations and rescuers, the number of fatalities is expected to rise as many people are still buried beneath the wreckage.(REUTERS)