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Pune’s 30 Under 30 - Part 2: young achievers aiming for the stars

The second part of our ‘30 under 30’ go-getters features ambitious and strong individuals paving their path of success with skill, confidence and creativity. On the occasion of HT’s first anniversary meet our second set of high achievers

pune Updated: Jun 25, 2018 18:45 IST
Hindustan Times, Pune
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On the occasion of HT Pune’s first anniversary, meet the second set of Pune’s hottest ‘30 Under 30’ achievers. (HT PHOTO )


16. Digvijay Bodke (25), IAS OT

In the news because: Achieved a spectacular All India rank 54 in Civil services examination 2017. Entered Indian Administrative Service (IAS) at the age of 25.

Passionate about: Making a difference in the lives of people whom he is going to serve. “I as a civil servant, would like to live up to the expectations people have from an IAS officer.”

Making a difference: Wants to initiate changes in two areas: urban development and education. “I would like to help build more planned cities, improve the quality of services in urban areas and enhance people’s participation in urban governance. The basic idea would be to make living in cities pleasurable and enhance the quality of life of the citizens.” Feels sorry that India hasn’t been able to tap it’s immense human resource talent. “My idea is to help India gain from an effective, efficient and affordable education system.”

Hobbies and interests: Football and playing the guitar. “I’m a fan of Chelsea football club and follow it regularly. I started playing guitar taking inspiration from bands like The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I have a keen interest in gaming too, although career priorities have taken over this interest of mine.”


17. Srishti Goenka, 22, Eco warrior

In the news because: His multi-tasking leadership role at EcoFriends Community has been noteworthy.

Passionate about: Nature and bringing it closer to children. “It turned out the very thing I had always been searching for. Children are not only super enthusiastic to learn but also one learns so much from them.”

Making a difference: Is deeply concerned about the amount of plastic waste being generated. “Planet Earth and animals are being gravely affected. Hence, to begin with, a small campaign which will have a massive effect in the future that I’m willing to implement is the No Plastic Straw campaign. Through EcoFriends Communities weekly, I will be spreading awareness about the ills of plastic straws and encourage students to opt for alternatives such as paper straws and leaf straws.”

Hobbies and Interests: Writing and travelling. “Travelling for me is relaxation and exploring the local cultures, whereas writing lets me relive all the travel moments once again.”


18. Aishwariya Vishwanathan, 28, Entrepreneur

In the news because: Founded Pune’s first 100% Plant Based (vegan) restaurant Real Green Café with the aim of making vegan food mainstream, at par with vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare.

Passionate about: Animal rights and liberation issues. “This was the main reason for me to turn vegan as I believe animals are not ours to exploit and we should stop consumption of animal-based products for all the reasons including health, environment, world hunger and animal rights,” says Aishwariya. She would like to showcase how versatile and innovative vegan food really is and that we don’t miss out on anything in a vegan lifestyle.

Making a difference: Wants to initiate activities to spread awareness about plant-based diet and how easy it is to veganise your regular food without causing harm to other animals while still leading a healthy lifestyle. Wants to help people re-connect with the basics of healthy and holistic living.

Hobbies and interests: Enjoys spending time with her rescued and adopted dogs at home. Loves to watch movies in her free time.


19. Priyanka Barve, 26, singer and actor

In the news because: Her portrayal of Anarkali in over 100 shows of Feroze Khan’s musical play Mughal-e-Azam has been outstanding.

Passionate about: Singing. “I am a trained and professional singer and I first started off with a Sangeet Natak and realised that acting also interests me. I have always loved to express through singing and acting.”

Making a difference: Wants to see more love and appreciation for experimental theatre. “I would want audiences to shower their love and blessings to theatre as much as they do to films. We need to have more serious audience for experimental theatre and a willingness to spend money of plays.”

Hobbies and interests: Acting and dancing


20. Siddhesh Purkar, 28, Writer-actor

In the news because: His play Item won the prestigious Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award (META) in the Best Play category for 2018.

Passionate about: Music, painting and every art form which contributes to find and create theatre.

Making a difference: By creating new experiments and dynamic stories for theatre. No play should be like any other, creating house for new experiments, coming up with new dynamic topics, and creating a new theatrical language even under this ever-growing dominance of television, cinema and web content. It is said a single play can never change a society. But I believe that if such outspoken and experimental plays are run parallel in society, it can definitely change the picture.

Hobbies and interests: Loves to attend classical music concerts and read books.


21. Nishigandha Gogate, 26, Teacher

In the news because: Has selflessly contributed as an iTeach school leader.

Passionate about: Counselling and driving

Making a difference: Nishigandha is helping empower the most under-privileged students through strong remedial or counselling intervention in their formative years. Wants to expand her work considering the high mental stress in the youth today. “As a mental health professional (Clinical Psychologist), I aim to create self-awareness among the youth not just by addressing it as a curative aid but by integrating academic, behavioural, social, and emotional support in mainstream education as a preventive help.”

Wants to empower the women in her organisation with a sense of purpose to enhance their potential and identity in an otherwise male-dominated society.

Hobbies and Interests: Blogging, Zumba and traveling – road trips especially since driving is a passion!


22. Trishla Talera, 24, Artist

In the news because: Was recently awarded a prestigious fellowship at Art Think South Asia 2017-18 in Berlin.

Passionate about: The power of the arts to shape society and build an inclusive future for India. Has been doing research in curation and art education for the past three years and its working on mentorship programmes.

Making a difference: Wants to focus on building formats for cultural rejuvenation through trans-medium dialogues. Creating a strong contemporary identity for the 21st century for India is what motivates her to work with diverse audiences both locally and internationally.

Hobbies and interests: A fibre artist from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Trishla has worked with sustainable textiles, archives and processes to interact extensively with weavers’ communities. She has also studied organic agroecology at Bija University, Navdanya and takes a keen interest in urban farming practices and sustainability studies. She has been the Vice-curator at Global Shapers Community Pune (A World Economic Forum initiative) an international youth organisation committed to improving the world, starting with our own communities.


23. Rohit Raut , 22, singer

In the news because: His song Hrudayat Vaje Something from the film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte has been a big hit.

Passionate about: Music and art.

Making a difference: Would like to see a change in society’s judgmental psychology. “We are busy judging people and forming stereotypical opinions. We should stop dominating or making people feel inferior based on their age or work.”

Hobbies and interests: Swimming and travelling.


24. Gauri Gadgil, 26, Swimmer

In the news because: Won silver medals twice at the Special Olympics, despite her Down’s Syndrome. Received Special Jury Mention at the National Awards for the Marathi film Yellow

Passionate about: Swimming. Aims to become a swimming coach one day

Making a difference: By spreading the message of love and peace. The young swimmer hopes to bring out a message of equality and a world for all.

Hobbies and interests: Acting and swimming.


25. Alok Rajwade, 29, actor-director

In the news because: Making his commercial directorial debut with a Marathi film this year.

Passionate about: Theatre and films

Making a difference: Wants to bring an innovative approach to films distribution. “There has been some great innovation in content and we have really brought out some great films. I am not familiar enough with the distribution aspect to comment on it, but I feel we need to introduce some innovative techniques. I feel it is not democratic enough and the power is kind of limited to certain sources. I would like to see that change.”

Hobbies and interests: Singing and painting


26. Ayushi Jagad, 26, Stand-up comedian

In the news because: I was fortunate enough to be a part of Queens of Comedy’s first season, which is now on Netflix. Sumedh, my writing partner, and I run a channel called Listen Na where our content is seen by thousands of people, and the channel is picking up. I started in comedy working for AIB, and since then have performed alongside India’s funniest people.

Passionate about: I’m passionate about my career, my family and my friends. I’m rather attached to the people in my life and don’t know what I’d do without their support. I want to use my platform to speak about mental health and the stigma that surrounds it currently. I’d like to start a forum for younger people who’ve lost a loved one, as a way to make it more acceptable to talk about the awkwardness of death. I feel like sharing in that experience with a frank yet sympathetic attitude could be helpful to a lot of people.

Making a difference: Feminism is a topic very close to my heart. It is extremely presumptuous to think that I’d affect change in my community, but trying to normalize the fact that women do stand up, would be great place to start. I want to create content that has strong female narratives as well as LGBTQ narratives, in hopes that everyone feels represented. I want to shed light on the stories of amazing and talented women around me who lead independent, intriguing and kickass lives.

Hobbies and interests: I love performing, whether it’s stand up, acting in sketches, or singing live. Nothing makes me happier than getting that immediate response from a live audience. I truly enjoy reading classics. Another absolute favorite of mine is visiting museums in whatever city I’m in. Something about pausing to look at history in a real tangible way is truly beautiful.


27. Ashish Mane, 27, Adventurist

In the news because: First Maharashtra trekker to climb four peaks above 8,000mts including Mt Everest in 2012, Mt. Lhotse in 2013, Mt. Makalu in 2014 and Mt. Manaslu in 2017. Also attempted Mt. Dhaulagiri in 2016, and reached at 8,000mts.

Passionate about: Seeking new challenges. Exploring horizons. Pushing limits. Mountaineering gives me all this at once! After climbing four of the world’s highest mountains I feel there’s still such a lot to learn from the open school of nature. Reaching to the top of each of peaks taught me importance of honest hard work and being perseverant. I failed to reach the top of Mt Dhaulagiri in 2016. Failure teaches you permanent lessons. I worked doubly hard to reach the top of Mt Manaslu in 2017. I never gave myself an option to give up. Mountaineering taught me the true value of teamwork. I could reach the roof of the world because of my amazing team leader (Mr. Umesh Zirpe), Sherpas, fellow climbers, and my excellent support team members.

Making a difference: Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough in the right direction. Don’t shy away from working hard. The most successful people are those who burnt the mid night oil. Work hard, work smart and keep doing it again and again till you are successful. Never give up. Success is a journey and enjoy each moment of it.

Hobbies and interests: Trekking, Travelling, Cooking. I keep learning new things like latest forms of work outs, new technology that makes climbing safer, new recipes that help me get correct nutrition for my heavy workouts.


28. Bhagyashree Kolte,20, Archer

In the news because: The 20-year-old archer is among state’s top archer and also a regular podium finisher at the national level. With total 156 medals including 40 nationals, Bhagyashri has a good reputation at the national circuit. She was among the top contender for the Youth World Championship, with 5th place in top-8 in 2017.

Passionate about: archery obviously and also about military training. I was in military school for seven years

Making a difference: I feel that the parents of any sportsperson, especially female athlete should understand that it takes years of hard work and patience before testing any success. I have seen parents forcing their kids to get back to studies when they fail to perform on ground. You must give them time, they must spend enough time to settle down and then only will produce.

Hobbies and interest: I have tried several sports in my childhood so basically spending time on ground, out in the field is my biggest hobby.


30. Pooja Sahsrabuddhe, 26, Table Tennis

In the news because: The city paddler was part of Indian’s team which won gold medal in Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. In 2017, she won gold medal in National Ranking and two gold medals (team and individual) in the All India Inter Institutional tournament. At the international front, she won a bronze medal in women’s doubles in the Australian Open World Tour Platinum Tournament held in July at Gold Coast, Australia.

Passionate about: Table Tennis

Making a difference: With the Indian Government and a lot of private organisations looking at development of Indian sports with strong interest, I want to make the Indian parents and youngsters more aware and more serious about taking up professional sports as a serious career choice.

Hobbies and interest: Movies, Music, Playing puzzle games


30. Dr Priyanka Joshi, 29, Doctor

In the news because: Listed in British Vogue as one of 25 most influential women working in Britain in 2018, On the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Science and Healthcare Europe 2018, Hind Rattan Award (for the year 2019)

Passionate about: Natural sciences, being curious about the world and its inhabitants, identifying patterns in human biology, in particular the molecular processes occurring in the brain and how they change in response to the environment. I am also very passionate about making the general public interested and enthusiastic about the possibilities of the scientific method of inquiry in day-to-day life.

Making a difference: Almost all of us strive to achieve the best education, jobs, money, social status towards a better quality of life. Thats what we are taught from the moment we are born, or atleast from the moment we begin to explore and understand the world around us. Collectively all these would suggest growth in a society, and so our actions are expected to achieve only this growth for ourselves. However, as responsible members of the society a real change contributing towards the parameters of this growth will only come when we first treat each other equally with respect. A society that gives all its members the opportunity to make an informed choice; a society that is more tolerant; a society that is more kind, empathetic, sensitive and respectful towards inclusivity and a society that allows and encourages its young and old to keep their sense of wonder intact - this is the kind of change I would like to bring about.

Hobbies and Interests: Science outreach to kids, Dance, Theatre

First Published: Jun 25, 2018 17:40 IST