Don't get the new lingo? Your complete guide to modern-day slangs, yo!

A new language has been trending in the social media space through hash tags and blogs. We decode for you the modern-day slang in case you were confused or feeling left out.

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 13, 2015 16:41 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
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In the age of machines, where trends are invented at a lightening pace through blogs and the hash tagging Instagram, the internet has been playing alphabet aerobics with our language. If you are feeling lost lately, and don’t know what happened to language, then don’t worry. Here’s a modern-day guide to decoding slang. Are they simply unacceptable to say out loud or aren’t they? We’ll leave that to you.

Your chosen confidante who knows things before anyone else. Your boyfriend or girlfriend
What are you doing this weekend?”
“Nothing much, just going to the movies with bae.”

* Basic

Refers to generic euphemism for bland and boring

"Man, your fashion sense is so basic; you look like a poster boy for Chandini Chowk. Look beyond the brands, yeah?"

* Feels
To have strong and uplifting feelings that make you passionate
"A combination of ice cream and cringeworthy love songs gives me the feels yo"

* Gram

Short for Instagram, word used by lazy people

"She just hits the gym for some gram pics. And yes, her fam is up on gram. They are in every picture, helicopter parents, you see (fam: short for family)."

* Thirsty
Over-eagerness to please, desperation to get attention
"Why is she always thirsty for Facebook likes?"

* On fleek
Means totally perfect or almost there
"He walked into the office with his nasal hair on fleek."

* Dad-bod
Neither a belly nor a ripped tummy, right in the middle of both, soft enough to play with
"Hard to believe that they are a couple! The guy has a dad-bod."

* Ship
The classy term for friend-zoned, or let’s say formalising a relationship
"Isn't it hilarious that he doesn't even know that he got shipped by her, even his bae doesn't know."

* Throw shade
Using your sharp tongue to insult people
"She was throwing shade at him for calling her a drama queen"

* Swole
Overly muscular person, like a baboon
"What is that he is jacking up with, he looks swole."

First Published: Jun 13, 2015 15:32 IST