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Best 1-litre electric kettles for your home

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  • Published on Dec 12, 2022 21:00 IST
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Boiling water, making tea and other tasks will become much easy if you have electric kettle with a storage capacity of 1 litre at your home.

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Electric kettles are a must-have in every household.

With the use of smart metres and appliances, it is now feasible to identify and classify how appliances are used in a home, calculate energy savings from efficient appliance use, and forecast appliance-specific demand based on load measurements.

A quick investigation into consumer kettle usage patterns is necessary given the rise in electric kettle ownership and usage, the absence of efficiency labelling standards for kettle efficiency, the technologically slow rate of improvement of kettle efficiency compared to other household appliances, and the current attitudes of consumers. This is a major reason for the sudden rise in the requirement for the best1 litre electric kettle in modern households.

Best1 Litre Electric Kettle Options

1. Cello 1 litre 1200W Kettle

The ability of a kettle to keep the liquid warm is crucial. The stainless steel body of this Cello kettle adds to its durability while also keeping the liquid warm. You may use this kettle to make your favourite beverage without giving it a second thought. You can easily handle it because it has a cool touch handle that doesn't heat up to protect you from scalding hazards. An easy-to-use on/off switch and a light indicator let you quickly determine whether the appliance is on or off.


Brand- Cello

Material- Stainless Steel

Colour- Black

Wattage- 1200 W

Product Dimensions- 7.9L x 6.3W x 7.9H Centimeters

Cord Length - Cordless

Boil dry protectionDual-layer is absent
Easy grip handle 

2. INALSA Electric Kettle

With the Inalsa stainless steel electric kettle, you can quickly and easily create hot water, green tea, lemon water, and soups with less effort. This kettle comes with boil-dry protection, which will automatically shut down the kettle if there is no liquid inside it. The 360° rotating swivel power base enables you to plug it in any direction and in the position you prefer for the jug handle. The base makes it easier to transport and serve hot water.


Brand- Inalsa

Material- Stainless Steel

Colour- Black

Wattage- 1350W

Product Dimensions- 20 x 12.9 x 20 Centimeters

Cord Length- About 3 feet

Rust-resistantComes with a cord
2 safety sensors 
Water-level indicator 

3. Cello 1 litre 600 B Electric Kettle

Black kettle with a boil-dry protection feature automatically shuts the kettle down when the liquid is boiled. It quickly boils water for 5–6 people at once, which can also be used to make tea, coffee, soup, and other things. It has a base with 360-degree agility, food-grade stainless steel, anti-slip feet design, and is simple to use.


Brand- Cello

Colour- Black

Special Feature- Push lid opening

Material- Stainless Steel

Wattage- 1200W

360 Degree Cordless OperationSingle layer body
Auto Protection Off Function 
Cord Storage Facility 

4. Borosil Cooltouch Electric Kettle

Your electric kettle is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing thanks to its traditional polish appearance. Its 360° swivel base is connected to a standard power cord for safe operation and practical storage. The electric kettle can be gracefully served and easily filled at the sink without the hassle of a power cord, thanks to its swivel base. It can also be easily reconnected to its power source from any direction, making it ideal for both right- and left-handed users.


Brand- Borosil Cooltouch

Material- Stainless Steel

Colour- Black

Wattage- 1200W

Product Dimensions- 19.5L x 18.8W x 18H Centimeters

Cord Length- 1.3 m

Water-level indicatorLittle expensive
Double wall protection 
Spout with Mesh filter 

5. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

This electric kettle is a useful tool that expedites and simplifies your work. A convenient Spout and an ergonomically built body make pouring simple. You may use it anytime, anyplace to quickly and effortlessly make coffee, hot tea, milk, etc. It is lightweight and portable, which makes it a good travel buddy. The stainless steel inner body guarantees better heat retention and durability.


Brand- AmazonBasics

Material- Stainless Steel

Colour- Grey

Wattage- 2200W

Product Dimensions- 8L x 5.4W x 7.8H Centimeters

Cord Length- 31.49 inches

Steam sensorCan be used for boiling water only
Rust-resistant material 

6. Prestige Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Body

In approximately two to three minutes, this kettle will boil water. Prepare wonderful cocoa, hot tea, or instant soup quickly and easily. Its humanised design and ability to prepare numerous cups of tea or coffee at once make it convenient and time-saving. It can be a suitable size kettle for a gathering of your family and friends. This electric kettle's hidden heating element makes it convenient and secure. This prevents calcification and prolongs the life of your kettle. Effectively filter each cup of water and take advantage of practical cleaning.


Brand- Prestige

Material- Stainless Steel

Colour- Black / Silver

Wattage- 1350W

Product Dimensions- 7.5L x 6.3W x 8.7H Centimeters

DurableSingle-layered inner element
1-year warranty 

7. Bajaj Cordless Electric Kettle

Water boils in this kettle's 1200 watts of electricity in approximately 5 to 6 minutes. Prepare wonderful cocoa, hot black tea, or instant soup quickly and easily. You can make multiple cups of tea or coffee at once thanks to the large capacity and modern design, which is practical and time-saving. From the date of retail purchase, this product has a two-year warranty against any manufacturing flaws in the material or the workmanship.


Brand- Bajaj

Material- Plastic

Colour- White

Wattage- 1200 Watts

Product Dimensions- 10.2L x 7.6W x 5.3H Centimeters

Voltage - 230 Volts

CordlessNot durable
Cool touch 
Auto shut off 

8. Kenstar Electric Kettle

With its 1L capacity and 1300W output, the Kenstar Electric Kettle is impressive. It quickly boils water to make tea, coffee, or instant soup for 5 to 6 people. Pouring and serving are made simple by the 360° swivel technology. Easy handling is guaranteed by the plastic outer body's cool-to-the-touch exterior. It shuts off automatically if it overheats or begins to dry boil. The concealed heating element makes this electric kettle both practical and secure. This prevents calcification and prolongs the life of your kettle.


Brand- Kenstar

Material- ABS Plastic

Colour- White

Voltage- 240 Volts

Wattage- 1300 Watts

Product Dimensions- 18.5L x 14W x 18.5H Centimeters

Easy lid openingPlastic is not durable
Auto cut off 
Cool touch body 

9. Usha EK-3315 Electric Kettle

A beautiful addition to your kitchen, this top-performing kettle from the Fine Collection has a premium textured finish, stainless steel inside, and a cool touch outer body. When heating, the aluminium interior keeps items heated for a longer period and cool to the touch. Enjoy short boiling times so you can quickly boil eggs or drink coffee or tea. With a 1-litre capacity, it is ideal for frequent usage. The broad opening is made to prevent spills and makes it simple to fill, pour, and clean.


Brand- Usha

Material- Aluminium, Plastic

Colour- White

Wattage- 1200 Watts

Product Dimensions- 38L x 81W x 71H Millimeters

Cord Length- 1.5 m

Automatic machineSingle-layered body
Shock-proof body 
Dry boil protection 

10. Bajaj Majesty Electric Kettle

The base of this electric kettle has a 360-degree swivel that allows for power hookup in any position. The neon-coloured indicator raises your kitchen's style bar. The power is automatically cut off when the water reaches the desired temperature. When the water runs out, a dry boil protection system kicks in. The tea kettle's durability is increased by using stainless steel for the body. Plastic does not come into contact with the water, so chemical and plastic contamination is unaffected.


Brand- Bajaj

Material- Steel

Colour- Black-Grey

Wattage- 1200 Watts

Product Dimensions- 1 x 1 x 1 Millimeter

2-years warranty 

Price of best 1 litre electric kettles at a glance:

Cello 1 litre 1200W kettleRs. 1,199
Inalsa Electric KettleRs. 1,103
Cello 1 litre 600 B electric KettleRs. 1,369
Borosil Cooltouch Electric KettleRs. 1,899
AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric KettleRs. 1,519
Prestige Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel BodyRs. 1,228
Bajaj Cordless Electric KettleRs. 1,199
Kenstar Electric KettleRs. 811
Usha EK-3315 Electric KettleRs. 1,576
Bajaj Majesty Electric KettleRs. 2,389

Best value for money

The Cello 1 litre 600 B Electric Kettle is the item with the best value. Surprisingly, this kettle is not even expensive despite being constructed of the highest quality materials. It is the ideal purchase for heating water and other purposes. All these features make it the best 1 litre electric kettle.

Best overall product

The Borosil Cooltouch Electric Kettle is the best item overall. High tensile strength, double coating, high-quality materials, and many other features are present in this best 1 litre electric kettle. The price range is reasonable as well, and the impressive functionality is known to deliver an enhanced user experience.

How to buy a 1 litre electric kettle?

Before choosing the products, consider the demands to make the greatest choice. Consider the product's features, including its benefits and drawbacks, before deciding which purchase is ideal for you. You should also check the reviews of other customers who purchased the same products. It is possible to find the correct object using this technique.

Not every product is ideal since different products have well-known weaknesses; some have problems while others don't. Before determining which choice is ideal for you, you must be fully informed of your expectations for the items you desire to acquire. When compared to all these aspects, Borosil Cooltouch Electric Kettle emerges as the best 1 litre electric kettle.

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