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Best mixer grinders: Top 10 to ease up your kitchen chores

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  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 07:23 IST
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Learn about the best mixer grinders available in India to better understand their features and assist yourself with a good buy.

product info
Mixer grinders play an important role in kitchen activities.

Every household has a mixer grinder today. This essential appliance is available today in various sizes. You can purchase a set for blending your required meal, which can be vegetables, spices and herbs to cook, or to prepare delicious shakes and smoothies with fruits and berries. If you do not have a mixer grinder yet in your kitchen, it is time you invest in one, and we shall help you in your search.

Here are some of the best mixer grinders that you can choose to buy:

1. Preethi zodiac cosmo MG236 mixer grinder 750 watt with 5 Jars includes super extractor juicer jar & master chef + food processor jar, black

Grinding without using your hands is supported with a secure lock system that prevents spills and pop-ups. A triple safety system provides maximum safety during food preparation with a secure jar and lid lock. It has a Vega w5 motor with 750W power for the best grinding results.

The motor will cool more quickly and last longer using 3D air cooling technology. It provides better stability during grinding and kneading thanks to a wider base. Sharp, rust-proof stainless steel blades can quickly and thoroughly ground challenging materials like turmeric.


  • Colour: Black
  • Wattage: 750W
  • Product dimensions: 32D x 32W x 63H cm



Excellent grinding and mixing capacityBurning smell
Easy to use 
Food processor performance 

2. ROYAL STEP - AMAZON'S BRAND - portable electric USB juice maker juicer bottle blender grinder mixer,4 blades rechargeable bottle with (multicolour

You can easily transport this compact, lightweight design anywhere. Additionally, you can easily charge it via a power bank, laptop, PC, automobile, or any USB device. You can enjoy natural, delicious juice, milkshakes, smoothies, and other baby meals by blending various fruits and vegetables anywhere, anytime. It's lightweight and excellent for outdoor travel, picnics and even during power cuts.


  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Wattage: Rechargeable
  • Product dimensions: 8D x 15W x 10H cm
  • Material: Plastic
Easy to operateBlades are not sharp
Light and sturdy 
Portable and compact 

3. USHA Thunderbolt 800-Watt Copper Motor Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars and 5 Years Motor Warranty(Red)

This mixer has an astonishing performance with an 800-Watt, 100% copper, high torque, and high-speed motor. The motor has a five-year warranty and free home service. This mixer grinder comes with three jars that are sleek and elegant in design. One of the jars is a multipurpose jar of 500ml, and another is a wet jar of 1.5l capacity. Use heavy gauge SS jars with flow breakers for fine grinding. This mixer grinder's blades are made of stainless steel, making them suitable for mixing and grinding. The device also has a high-stability and super-suction feet motor safety with overload prevention.


  • Colour:Red
  • Wattage:800W
  • Product dimensions:20.2D x 34.2W x 39.8H cm
  • Material:ABS-Plastic
High torque and speedThe noise level is high
800-watt copper motor 
Blades are super sharp 

4. KBR® Mini Travel Fruit Juicer - USB Electric Safety Juicer Cup, USB Rechargeable Fruit & Vegetable Juice Blender/Grinder for Home and Office Use (Multicolour)

The USB personal portable blender is powered by a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that is universally compatible with USB. It has a 380ml capacity. You can easily carry it wherever you go and use it without a power supply. One can drink directly after mixing and grinding; it has a rechargeable personal blender. The six-bladed tiny juice blender uses 304 stainless steel throughout and has a strong power system, allowing for speeds of up to 22000 rpm.


  • Colour:Multicolour
  • Wattage:280W
  • Product dimensions:25D x 10W x 10H cm
  • Material:Plastic

High DurabilityLow quality plastic used
Greate for travelling 

5. Philips hl7707/00 750W mixer grinder with 4 jars, black

Its powerful 750W motor with a compact set-up accommodates most kitchen needs and requires the least storage space. It features Gear Drive technology, which supports food processing. It comes with various accessories, including a mixer grinder, ChefPro bowl, chutney jar, multipurpose jar, wet jar, pulp extractor, chopping attachment, fine shredding tool, fine slicing tool, grating tool, and kneading tool. This is a plug-and-play device, and there is no hassle in installing it.


Colour: Black

Wattage: 750W

Product Dimensions: 25D x 50W x 24H Centimetres

Material: Plastic

Easy to usePoor rotating equipment
Very low noise 
Easy to grate, slice and chop 

6. Preethi Zodiac MG-218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

This robust mixer grinder is ideal for grinding soft and tough ingredients with utmost convenience, which makes it one of the best mixer grinders in India. If your everyday meals demand a quick grind of ingredients, such as pulses, herbs or vegetables, this can turn out

to be a good buy.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Wattage: 750 watts

Voltage: 240

Number of jars: 3

Colour: Black

Product dimensions: ‎ 32 x 58.1 x 32

Included units: 1 mixer grinder, 1 wet jar, 1 multipurpose jar, 1 chutney jar

Semi-transparent lids Fixed blades make cleaning difficult
2 years warrantyHigher level of noise 
Allows continuous 25 minutes of grinding 

7. Vidiem MG 521A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

This is another budget-friendly mixer grinder that has a stylish look as well. Its 750-watt motor promises excellent grinding and its sturdy built quality is what makes it a popular choice among households in India.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Wattage: 750 watts

Voltage: 240

Number of Jars: 3

Colour: Grey and orange

Product dimensions: ‎ 48.5 x 29 x 25.5

Included units: 1 master jar, 1 multi-purpose jar, 1 Marvel chutney grinding jar

Self-locking jars to ensure safety Very noisy
5 years warrantyAverage performance in dry grinding
Ergonomic sturdy handles 

8. Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

Whether grinding rice and pulses for the batter, making a delicious milkshake, or grinding ginger and herbs, Sujata offers some of the best mixer grinders. The dome-shaped lid and detachable blades in the Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder are easy to use.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Wattage: 900 watts

Number of jars: 3

Colour: White

Product dimensions: ‎ 49 x 22.5 x 35.5

Included units: 1 unit motor, 1 wet grinder jar, 1 chutney jar, 1 dry grinder jar

Can run for 90 minutes straight No overload protection switch
2 years warrantyLimited aftersales network
Low maintenance and shock-proof 

9. Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

What makes the Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder one of the best mixer grinders for you to invest in? It comes with hand-free operations and you can also pre-set the grinding functionalities. How cool is that, right? You can grind various ingredients in the jars in a pre-set time.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Wattage: 1400 watts

Voltage: 240

Number of Jars: 3

Colour: Black

Product dimensions: ‎ 19 x 23 x 50

Included units: 1 mixer grinder, 1.5-litre and 1.0-litre multi-purpose jar, 0.5-litre dry jar, tamper, scraper, two filler caps, and base

Hands-free operations Not for grinding ingredients in smaller quantities
5 years warrantyHigh levels of noise 
Intelligent controls 

10. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder features a chutney jar with a zig-zag edge, proving excellent in efficiently grinding ingredients. It also comes with four prolonged blades in the multi-purpose jar, which is ideal to grind ingredients uniformly, making it one of the best mixer grinders available in the market.


Blade material: Stainless steel

Wattage: 750 watts

Voltage: 230

Number of Jars: 3

Colour: White

Product Dimensions: 44 x 38 x 24

Included Units: 1 mixer grinder, 1 main jar (1.7 L), 1 middle jar (1.2L), 1 super extractor (1.5L), 1 Grind n’ Store (0.4 L), 1 airtight storage container.

Grind and store convenientlyCleaning of the jars in difficult areas is a must to avoid accumulation
5 years warranty 
Shock-proof ABS body and heat sensitive cut-off system 

Price of best mixer grinders at a glance:

Preethi zodiac cosmo mg236 mixer grinder 750 watt with 5 jars 13,670
Portable electic usb juice maker 499
Usha thunderbolt 800-watt copper moter mixer grinder 3,926
KBR mini travel fruit juicer 499
Philips hl7707/00 750 w mixer grinder  8,799
Preethi Zodiac MG-218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 9,364
Vidiem MG 521A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 4,490
Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder 5,749
Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 23,996
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder 6,449

Best 3 Important Features for Consumers

ProductFeature  1Feature 2Feature 3
Preethi zodiac cosmo mg236 mixer grinderKneadingPowerfull motorGood performance
Royal step-s brand electic usb juice maker juicer  bottleEasy to use and cleanPortable sizePremium material
Ush thunderbo it 800 watt copper moter mixer grinderRemovable bowlStylish metallic finishCompact desigh
KBR mini travel fruit juicer Rechargable blenderOne key cleaningCompact design
Philips hl 7707/00 750w mixer grinder blackLeak proof jarsChopping attachmentFine tools
Preethi Zodiac MG-218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder750 WattsSemi-transparent lids for convenienceAllows continuous 25 minutes of grinding
Vidiem MG 521A 750 Watt Mixer Grinder750 WattsSelf-locking jars to ensure safetyErgonomic sturdy handles
Sujata Dynamix 900 Watt Mixer Grinder900 WattsCan run for 90 minutes straightLow maintenance and shock-proof
Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder1400 WattsHands-free operations Intelligent controls
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer Grinder750 WattsShock proof ABS bodyHeat sensitive cut-off system

Best value for money

If you are looking for an ideal mixer grinder at a pocket-friendly price and good performance, thePrestige Orion Mixer Grinder is the perfect appliance. It is ideal for tough grinding of herbs and making batters. What makes this one of the best mixer grinders is its super-efficient blades and the 500 W motor.

Best overall

ThePhilips HL7756/750-Watt Mixer Grinder is one of the best buys in India overall. The performance it offers to grind all kinds of ingredients into a fine consistency, whether dry or wet, is noteworthy.

How to find the perfect mixer grinder

Choosing the right mixer grinder for your kitchen should not be much of a challenge since there are several options available in every budget.

To choose the best mixer grinders within your budget, it is important that you plan about your exact requirements and necessities. You can start shortlisting them from the available brands, followed by their respective models.

For the best results, it is also important that you check for the service centres of the particular brand in your area to avoid hassles when you require quick service.

Finding the perfect mixer grinder cannot be a challenge when you know the pros and cons of each appliance that the many brands offer. Carefully check the wattage, volts, blades, body material and more, and you will be set to make a purchase.


1.How good is a mixer grinder under 5,000?

Many brands are selling good mixer grinders under 5,000 with world-class features. All you need to do is check the pros and cons and see if the particular products meet your demand.

2.How important is it to check the wattage of a mixer grinder?

It is very important to check the wattage of a mixer grinder. The higher the wattage of an appliance such as a mixer grinder, the tougher and smoother is its grinding performance. You can also choose to go for a mixer grinder that has 500 W to 750 W.

3.How can I determine the quality of a mixer grinder before purchase?

The best way to learn the performance of a mixer grinder is by checking its reviews online. Thoroughly go through the hundreds of reviews that you can find online. If you have an acquaintance using the same mixer grinder, check out the product at their home for a better understanding.

4.What is the average lifetime of a mixer grinder?

The best mixer grinders will easily last for 8-10 years, and even more if you are lucky. Such a long life of the mixer grinder can be enjoyed when the motor, blades and jars are of good quality. In addition, maintaining the durability of a mixer grinder also depends on you. Ensure that you use it carefully, clean it immediately after use and keep it away from dust and dirt.

5.Why do mixer grinders have a burning smell at times?

This burning smell in mixer grinders is a common issue in almost all appliances of different brands. This is typical in the first usage, and it is normal for the mixer grinder to smell. It happens due to the varnish coating on the motors. After a few usages, the smell starts to vanish.

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