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Best temperature control indoor grills that are worth your money

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  • Published on Dec 07, 2022 22:00 IST
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You know how important it is to buy quality products, but there are so many grills that it can be tricky to decide where to start. With so much information about the grills available in the market, how can you decide which one is best for you? Here's our guide.

product info
Indoor grills is ideal for anyone who is keen on fast, delicious and low-fat cooking.

When buying an indoor grill, consider these facts: price, ease of use, indoor grill reviews, and any additional features they might have, like a rotisserie attachment. Having one in your kitchen will make you a better cook.

Indoor grills, also known as smokeless grills, are designed for use inside your home or in other indoor spaces. They do not emit smoke like an outdoor gas, wood, or charcoal grill, but they emit cooking steam and vapours like those that arise when sautéing in a frying pan. Smokeless grills can be great appliances for those who don't have outdoor space or for anyone who wants to replicate the easy, fast, delicious, and low-fat cooking that an outdoor grill provides.

One of the benefits of using an indoor grill is that you have better temperature control. It's also easier to start because you don't have to light charcoal briquettes. Most outdoor grills need to be cleaned by burning off residue over high heat and scraping it with a metal brush. Indoor grills are often coated in a nonstick coating that can withstand higher temperatures. This makes cleanup as easy as wiping with a damp cloth.

This guide may interest you if you want an excellent outdoor grill. Many options are available for an outdoor grill, and choosing the right one can be challenging. This article will discuss the four critical factors when buying an outdoor grill.

Best temperature control indoor grills

1. Wellberg Electic and Non-Electric Charcoal Barbeque

The Wellberg Non-Electric & Electric Barbeque Grill is a fantastic choice. This grill is excellent for various occasions, including picnics, parties, and family gatherings. This grill is exceptionally easy to install and clean. Parts are easily detachable for cleaning. Outdoor and Indoor use, portable and lightweight, and easy to put together. Wellberg This non-electric (charcoal) grill has a removable tray with a top handle. Pierce your favorite veggies with skewers and lay them on the barbecue station to cook over charcoal.

Barbecues, both electric and charcoal, are safe and efficient cooking solutions for hostels, cottages, offices, and camping. It also has an electric barbecue as well as a charcoal foundation. It goes well with Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Aloo Tikka, Seek Kabab, Tea, Mushroom Tikka, and many other meals.


Brand: Wellberg

Colour: Black

Finish Type: Black

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 41 x 21 x 31 Centimeters

Included Components: Electric BBQ With Freebies

Large dimensionsNot easily portable
Hybrid , Simple to clean 
Simple to construct 

2. Prestige PEG 1.0

The e-grill is powered by a powerful 1500-watt power and has a superior nonstick coating that prevents food from sticking. It comes with a detachable oil collector that makes it easy to clean up greasy residues.

The temperature control on the e-griller is easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit your grilling needs. The hinge design of the grill also allows you to close it while preparing thicker sandwiches or steaks, making it safe and comfortable to use. This e-grill is one of the best barbeque grills in India and can be purchased online easily.


Brand: Prestige

Special Feature: Temperature Control

Colour: Silver and Black

Included Components: Electric Griller, warranty card included in the product manual

Finish Type: Stainless

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 38 x 32 x 18 Centimeters

Excellent designTemperature knob
Outstanding finishing 
It can be used for a wide range of foods 
Excellent product in this price range. 

3. Hamilton Beach 25361 grill

If you're looking for a stylish indoor grill for your family, consider the Hamilton Beach 25361 grill. This grill also has temperature control and power/preheating lights to indicate which mode it is in. This grill is the best purchase if you want to start grilling.

It is a small grill with an exquisite design that will complement the look of your kitchen counter. It also has a large drip tray to catch any excess oil from the food. You can easily clean this grill by tossing it in the dishwasher and relaxing. This grill comes with a glass window that allows you to monitor the food cooking inside without having to open it repeatedly.


Brand: Hamilton Beach

Special Feature: Viewing window, Removable non-stick plate

Colour: Silver

Finish Type: Stainless

Item Dimensions LxWxH:31.5 x 42.5 x 17.3 Centimeters

Adjustable temperature controlShort plug Cord
Power & preheat lights 
Removable parts are dishwasher safe 
Can be used for a wide range of foods , Clean-up is ridiculously easy 

4. Wellberg Big Extra Large Electric Tandoor

This griller's aluminium design and the front glass t roughened windows make it sturdy and shockproof. It also contains a heating element made of rust-resistant stainless steel that is great for continuous usage. It includes a sizable surface for cooking that enables you to make a lot of food all at once to feed a lot of people.

One of the greatest selections for grilling fans is this attractive and feature-rich electric grill from the well-known company Wellberg. You can grill anytime you want with this griller because it is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. The product's modest weight makes transportation a breeze.

The nonstick frying surface guarantees successful cooking by preventing food from sticking to it. Additionally, this griller can reheat and defrost frozen dishes without overcooking them.



Product Dimensions: 41 x 28 x 25 Centimeters

Colour: Black

Item Weight: 5Kilograms

Included Components: Electric tandoor, Pizza Cutter, Recipe Book, Magic Cloth, Grill, Glove, Skewers

Style:Cooking, Grill

Excellent construction qualityShorten the connecting wire
Its small sizeThere is no auto-shutdown feature.
Very portable Easy to use and clean Value for money 

5. Tandoor Glen Electric 5014

If you value performance, quality, and versatility, this intelligent electric griller is a good option. Both a grill and a tandoor can be made out of it. This grill can cook food perfectly with the preservation of texture and flavour. The biggest benefit is that you may concurrently make varieties of foods for larger groups of people thanks to its size. Your modern kitchen design will look great with its lovely, fashionable style.

The flat stainless steel outer shell is very easy while clean. When finished, Use a damp towel while cleaning.

Similar cleaning methods apply to the interior. The heating element with this griller is made of corrosion- and blast-resistant stainless steel and is long-lasting. The three-mode heat controller on the griller is its most outstanding feature. By using this function, you may manage the cooking procedure and make sure food is consistently and flawlessly produced. This comes with a timer feature as well. For the dish, you wish to prepare, set a timer and walk away. The appliance beeps to indicate when the cooking is complete. You can bake, grill, and roast on this clever electric barbecue.


Brand: Glen

Product Dimensions: 50D x 40W x 26H Centimeters

Wattage: 1100 Watts

Item Weight: 6.92 Kilograms

Included Components: Recipe Booklet

Style: Cooking,Grill

Voltage:24 Volts

Excellent design and constructionWhile cooking, the entire body becomes hot.
a wide range of foods can be cooked 
Heat control 
Excellent product for the price 

6. Tayama TG-868

The Tayama nonstick electric indoor grill is a fantastic grill that can be used indoors and outside on your lawn or patio. This is a stylish little barbecue with a 15x10 cooking space. It allows you to cook various foods in a considerable quantity all at once. It also contains a separate heater and a grill plate to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly. This grill has a cool touch handle and base, allowing you to cook without the danger of burning yourself. You can effortlessly regulate the temperature with the control and wipe the drip tray in the dishwasher.



Colour: Black

Finish Type: Non Stick, Black

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 55.9 x 12.7 x 30.5 Centimeters

Included Components: Electric grill,drip tray,manual,warranty

Strong and long-lasting , Lightweight, Compact 
It is ideal for grilling and roasting. Simple to assemble 
 Simple to use and clean . Good use of money 

7. Orbit Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori Maker

It boasts a big surface for cooking and a thermostat that can be adjusted and aid you to grill to perfection. After you've finished grilling, wipe down the surface. After the cooking process, the barbecue grill parts can be readily separated for cleaning.

The temperature of this grill can be changed from high to low, depending on the type of food. The integrated heating element in this grill uniformly distributes heat for reliably cooked food with no cold or hot patches. It is versatile enough to be used as a heat plate to warm beverages and make coffee.


Brand: ORBIT

Colour : Black

Finish Type: Non-Stick

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19.1 x 10.2 x 8.8 Centimeters

Included Components: Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori Maker Model -7001 With 5 Skewers

PowerfulOK Quality
Simple to clean , Stylish 
Simple to construct , Multipurpose 

8. DK HOME APPLIANCES Barbeque Grill Electric Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor Grill

The electric grill features a chrome-plated cooking grid and a stainless steel heating pipe. The easy-to-clean nonstick surface is and prevents delicate items from becoming stuck or breaking. It also comes with a nonstick steel grill with a cool touch handle(detachable). The overall cooking is made more convenient by its adjustable height.

With infrared technology & reflectors directing heat to the grid, this grill uses modern technology for producing succulently cooked food while keeping the grease tray cool enough to reduce unwanted smoke and oil. The temperature can be changed from high to low, depending on the type of food.

With a powerful 2000W heating element This highly-function grill is great for, meat, fish, and vegetables, cheese, among other things. It's great for family get-togethers, celebrations, and daily usage.



Special Feature -Heat-Resistant Handle

Colour- Black

Fuel Type -Electric

Recommended Uses For Product- Outdoor

Very potent, Lightweight , Very compactThe quality of the plug is poor.
Stylish chrome plating 
Good for regular use. Simple to clean 

Price of temperature control indoor grills at a glance:

Wellberg Electic and Non-Electric Charcoal Barbeque 1,799
Prestige PEG 1.0 4,790
Hamilton Beach 25361 grill 24,900
Wellberg Big Extra Large Electric Tandoor 2,697
Tandoor Glen Electric 5014 5,110
Tayama TG-868 1,199
Orbit Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori Maker 1,999
DK HOME APPLIANCES Barbeque Grill Electric Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor Grill 1,649

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Wellberg Electic and Non-Electric Charcoal BarbequeEasy to cleanelectric and charcoal poweredEasy to install
Prestige PEG 1.0temperature control knobVery strong builtdetachable oil collector
Hamilton Beach 25361 grilltemperature controlpower/preheating lightsStainless finish
Wellberg Big Extra Large Electric Tandooraluminum constructionnonstick cooking surfaceAmple Space to cook
Tandoor Glen Electric 5014timerthree-mode heat controllereasy to clean
Tayama TG-868separate heater and a grill plateSimple to assembleideal for grilling and roasting.
Orbit Electric Barbeque Grill 2000w Tandoori MakerPowerfulSimple to cleanSimple to construct
DK HOME APPLIANCES Barbeque Grill Electric Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor GrillLightweightpowerful 2000W heatingadjustable height

Best value for money

All in all, the Tayama Nonstick Electric Indoor Grill is a nice product. is a fantastic choice for those seeking an affordable choice. What makes it value for money is It's surprisingly cheap, and It has a dual function of bringing the outside inside and providing you with uninterrupted cooking by cutting down the time you spend preparing your food.

Best overall

The Prestige PEG 1.0 is the best overall indoor grill. Overall, the best indoor grill is the Prestige PEG 1.0. Overall all of the standards have been met. It costs 4,790 to buy. It prepares a wide range of dishes on its non-stick surface and is simple to operate. Additionally, the indoor grill comes with a built-in drip tray that makes cleaning it simple. Furthermore, the lid is covered in heat-resistant silicone to prevent harm from occurring during cleaning. This device is really simple to use and works well in any kitchen. Get your brand-new Prestige PEG 1.0 indoor grill from Amazon right away!


Indoor grills make cooking a lot easier by allowing you to cook indoors even when the weather is unpleasant or too cold. The indoor grill showcased above has a few features that help make this possible. First, the lid is made of tempered glass, which allows you to keep an eye on how your food is cooking while still being able to see the flames. The second feature is the adjustable temperature gauge, which allows you to control the heat of your grill.

At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.


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