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Friday, Oct 07, 2022
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Friday, Oct 07, 2022
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Get an ultra HD (8K) TV, experience theatre-like entertainment at home

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  • Published on Sep 21, 2022 19:53 IST
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Ultra HD (8K) smart TVs are perfect for people who wish to advance their viewing experience. Here is a compiled list of the best ones in the market today!

product info
An ultra HD (8K) TV is what you need to experience a great viewing experience.

The best 8K TVs continue to represent the cutting edge of TV technology even though there isn't much native 8K content available now. They have the best panels, the greatest specifications, the best picture processors, and the highest HDR standards. Four times as high-resolution as 4K TVs at 7680 x 4320, 8K TVs guarantee a noticeable visual improvement over 4K televisions while potentially future-proofing your home theatre system.

If you want to buy an Ultra HD (8K) TV for your home, here is a compiled list of the best ones on the market today!

1. Samsung 214 cm (85 inches) 8K Ultra HD

The Samsung 85-inch 8K Smart TV is not only one of the most expensive models on the market today, but it also has one of the largest displays. Although the price tag will make the majority of people dizzy, it is ultimately worthwhile. It comes with superb and incredibly immersive Dolby Atmos-supported speakers, best-in-class 8K Neo QLED display technology, and the display is supported by a 120Hz refresh rate, which is extremely quick.


Screen Size: 85 inches

Brand: Samsung

Display Technology: QLED

Resolution: 8K

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

Best 8K Neo QLED display qualityVery expensive
120Hz refresh rate 
Neo Quantum 8K Chipset 

2. LG Z1 223.52cm (88 Inch) Ultra HD 8K

The LG Z1 223.52cm (88 Inch) Ultra HD 8K OLED Smart TV has impressive features, from integrating NanoCell and QLED technology to including a mini-LED backlight. Its brightness and excellent colour accuracy are astonishing, and the available screen sizes are perfect for increased resolution. With 8K upscaling, 4K and even 1080p video can be watched on the ultra-HD screen, while webOS 6.0 offers the best smart features for LG TVs. So, if you are looking for the best Ultra HD (8K) TV for your home, then look no further than the LG television to enjoy a seamless experience.


Available Screen Sizes: 88 inches

Screen Type: Quantum Dot/NanoCell + Mini-LED

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

HDMI ports: 4 HDMI 2.1

Size: 65.6 x 37.7 x 1.1 inches

Weight: 82 pounds

Eye-popping 8K video qualityRequires significant viewing space for full 8K effect
Excellent brightness, colour reproductionInconsistent upscaling
Good sound quality, with lots of additional options availableSluggish controls

3. Hisense 189 cm (75 inches) 8K Ultra

The Hisense 75-inch 8K Smart TV is for you if you want to try something new. For many years, the Hisense Group has been one of the top electronics manufacturers in China. At present, they do not have a sizable Smart TV selection for the Indian market. However, this 8K Smart TV is undoubtedly unique. Given its 120Hz refresh rate, this Smart TV is a better option than other Smart TVs. In addition, it is half as expensive as the other 120Hz 8K TVs on this list. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, you can buy this.


Processor: Quad Core

Display: 8K UHD QLED

Dimension: 1676 x 990 x 76 mm

Weight: 37 Kg

Colour: Grey

Battery: 100 - 240 V

120Hz refresh ratePricey
Excellent 8K Ultra HD display quality 

4. Samsung 163 cm (65 inches)

This Samsung 8K TV offers a quick 100Hz refresh rate, which is admirable, given its low cost. It is far less expensive than some of the other choices on this list. So, if you want a TV that suits your needs and budget, you cannot go wrong with Samsung 8K Ultra HD Smart Neo.


Display: 8K UHD QLED

Design: 1447.9 x 830.9 x 25.2 mm

Weight: 24 kg

Battery: 220 - 240 V

Excellent display qualityPricey
Neo Quantum processor 

5. LG NanoCell 218.4 cm (86 Inches)

With the aid of nanotechnology, LG NanoCell offers a more accurate and refined colour. Maximize your immersion and experience the miracle of pure colour in 4K and 8K on sizable 75 (190.5 cm) and 86 (218.4 cm) screen sizes across a number of models. The cutting-edge display offers a whole new TV experience by fusing a tiny LED screen with NanoCell Technology.

Resolution: 8K

Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

Connector Type: HDMI

Colour: Black

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 167.2 x 54.9 x 96.3 Centimeters

8K Picture QualityA bit more expensive than competitors
Sound Output is Good 

Price of tv at a glance:

Samsung 214 cm (85 inches) 8K Ultra HD SmartRs. 15,94, 900
LG Z1 223.52cm (88 Inch) Ultra HD 8K OLEDRs. 29,99, 990
Hisense 189 cm (75 inches) 8K Ultra HDRs. 4,99, 990
Samsung 163 cm (65 inches) 8K Ultra HDRs. 2,79,900
LG NanoCell 218.4 cmRs. 13, 99, 990

Best 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Samsung 214 cm (85 inches) 8K Ultra HD SmartDynamic colour enhancingPocket-friendlyGreat display quality
LG Z1 223.52cm (88 Inch) Ultra HD 8K OLED88 inches Ultra HD8 K resolutionAlexa support
Hisense 189 cm (75 inches) 8K Ultra HDBudget-friendlysmart TVFull HD
Samsung 163 cm (65 inches) 8K Ultra HDExcellent displayImpressive sound qualityUnique and innovative design
LG NanoCell 218.4 cm8K DisplayNano cell technologyGood sound output

Best value for money

Samsung 214 cm (85 inches) 8K Ultra HD Smart Neo is one of the best value-for-money Ultra HD (8K) TV on the market today. It is affordable, has excellent performance and boasts of a unique and innovative design.

Best overall

The Samsung 214 cm (85 inches) 8K Ultra HD Smart Neo TV is undoubtedly the best 8K TV on the market today. Even though it is slightly pricey, it has all the latest features that any smart TV must have.

How to find the best ultra HD (8K) Tv?

Although 8K TVs are currently highly expensive, they are the best option if you want to watch content in 8K either natively or by upscaling. 8K TVs are far superior to all other types of television. The best way to find the best product for yourself is by narrowing down your requirements and matching them with the specifications of the products offered in the market. Make sure you stay well within budget when buying a TV for yourself.

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