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Linux laptops: This is a good option for those keen on customisation

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  • Published on Jul 05, 2022 18:36 IST
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Linux is considered the pioneer in the space of operating systems. It is compatible with most of the laptop’s software and hardware specifications.

product info
Linux operating system's ability to be compatible with most of the laptop’s software and hardware specifications is its biggest draw.

Ideally, you can install Linux on almost every laptop you buy. However, there’s no assurance that the hardware in the laptop will work with Linux. Some of the laptop’s functions won’t operate if the proper hardware drivers are unavailable for the Linux hardware you choose, and the laptop’s battery life may suffer due to poor optimisation.

Linux is pre-installed on some laptops. These companies officially support Linux on their hardware, so you can be certain that everything will operate as expected and that the laptop will continue to function with future software upgrades.

Compared to other operating systems like Windows, Linux is more secure and is less vulnerable than others. There are more software updates while using Linux than operating systems, and these updates are far quicker. A characteristic that offers a substantial edge over other operating systems is customisation. Considering that the operating system is open source, you can alter, add, or remove a feature as needed. Linux is freely available on the web to download and use. Since Linux and a lot of its software are released under the GNU General Public Licence, you do not need to purchase a licence for it.

Top Linux Laptops

1. Acer Predator Helios 300

Are you an avid gamer looking for the perfect gaming laptop? The Acer Predator Helios 300 is the one for you. It features HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 to provide a wide and distinct gaming experience. Plus, its Waves MaxxAudio makes everything come to reality.

Product Specifications:

  • Operating System:Compatible with Ubuntu
  • Display: 15.6" full-HD LED Backlit ComfyView TFT LCD Display with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Graphic Processor:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • Keyboard: FineTip RGB Backlit with Independent Standard Numeric Keypad
  • Security Port: Kensington Lock Slot
  • Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i7
  • RAM:16 GB of DDR4 2666
  • Lightweight
  • A lot of RAM enables multitasking
  • Powerful graphics card
  • 512 GB Solid State Drive
  • A good option for gamers with a refresh rate of 144 Hz
  • Battery life is not adequate.
  • Heavy with a weight of up to 6 pounds

2. Acer Chromebook Spin 713

The Spin 713 is a wonderful linux laptop with good hardware specifications. Considering the specifications, running Linux applications alongside Chrome OS will be a fantastic experience. With contemporary 11th-generation Intel Core CPUs, at least 256 GB of internal storage, a 3:2 aspect ratio screen with 2256 * 1504 resolution for even more vertical space, and more, the technology is superb.

Product Specifications:

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 505
  • Battery life:up to 12 hours when fully charged
  • Display: 15. 6-Inch Full HD IPS
  • RAM:4 GB
  • Memory:32GB of eMMc flash storage
  • Weight: 4.85 Pounds
  • Great price point
  • Heavy apps can run on hardware
  • Excellent battery life
  • Runs on Chrome OS version of Linux

3. ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7

Lenovo’s flagship ThinkPad range includes the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7, which comes pre-installed with Linux. This ThinkPad model comes pre-installed with Ubuntu or Fedora, but you may also install other Linux distributions.

On Lenovo’s website, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a configurable notebook. You may personalise the system’s CPU, RAM, storage, and resolution.

Product Specifications:

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Processor: 10th Generation Intel Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 Processor
  • Graphics:Intel UHD Graphics Integrated/AMD Radeon™ 625
  • Keyboard:Spill-resistant, 6-row, backlit
  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours when fully charged
  • Physical Security Key:Kensington® Security Slot
  • Monitor Displays:Supports around three individual displays
  • Premium laptop for work and student purposes
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Sleek and elegant design 
  • Intel graphics
  • High price

4. Lenovo Thinkpad L14

The Lenovo Thinkpad L14 comes with the Lenovo ThinkPad Reliability (12 Military Specifications Certified) | Built to withstand rugged usage and can handle accidental knocks, drops, and even spills . The panel features a 1080 p resolution and a decent refresh rate. In addition, quick charging technology charges the battery from 0 to 80 percent in about an hour. The L14 laptop comes with HD and FHD displays and a touchscreen. You’ll love watching movies and listening to music while you’re not working, due to its Dolby AudioTM, which enhances the sound. It’s even lighter than the Dell XPS 13 due to the use of lightweight carbon fibre, and it has a more robust build quality. Lenovo proudly claims that ThinkPads are subjected to military-grade testing to ensure that they can withstand harsh environments, with tests ranging from mechanical stress and humidity to sand, dust, and fungus.

Product Specifications:

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Processor: 10th Generation Intel Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 Processor
  • Graphics:Intel UHD Graphics Integrated/AMD Radeon™ 625
  • Keyboard:Spill-resistant, 6-row, backlit
  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours when fully charged
  • Physical Security Key:Kensington® Security Slot
  • Monitor Displays:Supports around three individual displays
  • Thinkpad reliability and durability
  • Open source BIOS
  • Screen size options
  • Ample ports
  • Boxy design
  • High price

5. Acer Aspire E

Are you seeking high-quality components to run a laptop?

The Acer Aspire E laptop is the ideal choice for you. It has a wide range of incredible features that will take the load away from your work.

Product specifications:

  • Operating system: Linux
  • Processor: 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U
  • Display: 5.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS Display
  • Memory and Storage: 8GB Channel Memory with 256GB solid-state memory
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 5.27 Pound
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX150
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Powerful graphics card
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB Solid State Memory
  • Decent battery life for up to 15 hours
  • Mixed performance 
  • Price on the higher end
  • Weighs more than 5 pounds, bulky

6. Dell XPS 12 Developer Edition Linux Laptop

The Dell XPS 12 Developer Edition comes with a 1TB solid-state drive. Pretty large. Huh? Plus, it features 16Gb of dedicated RAM and an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is the first Linux laptop to feature pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. So, you can work on it right away after unboxing.

  • Operating system: Linux
  • Processor: 8th generation Intel® Core™
  • Body: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined aluminium, high-quality and aerospace-inspired woven glass fibre
  • Design: Lightweight design, compact, and sturdy
  • Display: A large and vivid 16:10 display with Eyesafe® display technology
  • Keyboard: Newly-designed edge-to-edge keyboard with larger touchpad and keycaps
  • Battery Life: 18 H and 49 Mins on FHD+
  • Weighs 2.99-pound (lightweight)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1TB solid-state
  • Long battery life
  • Robust processor
  • UHD display but only 13 inches
  • Price on the higher end

7. Asus ZenBook Linux Laptop

It is a cost-effective, linux-friendly, high-performing laptop that allows you to carry out multiple functions. Its compact, portable design and sleek form make it a lightweight option.

The Asus Zenbook isideal for frequent travellers because it weighs only 2.5 pounds.

Product specifications:

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Processor:Intel® Core™ i7-8565U/Intel® Core™ i5-8265U
  • Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Max-Q/Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (Switchable)
  • Memory:8GB / 16GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • Display:15.6” LED-backlit FHD (1920 x 1080) anti-glare or standard screen, 92% screen:body ratio, frameless (4-way) NanoEdge design
  • Keyboard:Full-size backlit keyboard, PTP (Precision Touchpad) technology, intelligent palm-rejection
  • Battery: Up to 17 hours
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Great audio
  • Stunning and sturdy design
  • Decent memory
  • Decent battery life
  • Mixed performance 
  • The display could be a little brighter

Price of linux Laptopsat a glance:

Acer Predator Helios 3000 Rs. 99,990
Acer Chromebook Spin 713Rs. 40,398
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9Rs. 99,720
Lenovo Thinkpad L14Rs. 88,500
Acer Aspire EN.A
Dell XPS 12 Developer EditionRs. 75,990
Asus Zenbook Linux laptopRs. 56,990

Best Three Important Features for consumers

1. Storage capacity

Laptops with storage capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB are available. More space is beneficial for employees who routinely use media files, such as videos and photos. Even 128 GB, however, is plenty for approximately a million business records.

If your company’s employees travel regularly, a Linux laptop with a solid-state drive can be a good option (SSD). SSDs, unlike hard disks, have no moving parts, making them faster, more robust, and less prone to overheating.

2. Processing at warp speed

The processor is in charge of all of your computer’s operations. A faster CPU will enable you to do more tasks on your laptop and speed up demanding tasks like photo editing. Choose a CPU with several ‘cores’ dual-core and quad-core, so you can simultaneously run multiple apps.

3. A display that is crystal clear

Laptops are used for both media consumption and work. You watch films, play games, look at images, or work for long hours on your laptop screen, and thus, need the sharpest display possible.

Best Value for Money

It’s a no-brainer to go for the Lenovo Thinkpad L14. It costs Rs. 88,500 due to its Intel i5 Processor, and its performance and endurance is similar to that of the Apple Macbooks. It is lightweight, with a 15.6 -inch display that is ideal for watching TV episodes or movies. It comes at a good price point for the features being offered.

Best Overall

The Dell XPS 13 is the obvious choice as it triumphs over others by a huge margin. The features offered are top of the segment and the latest the industry has to offer. A premium price also accompanies this. This laptop has been the quality benchmark for other laptops this year.

How to find the perfect Linux Laptop?

The sort of laptop that suits your demands and fits your lifestyle is the finest linux laptop for you. You need to identify whether your computer will be used for work and business or fun and games? Are you a student in need of a fully working laptop for use in the classroom and at your dorm? Are you in need of a Linux laptop for day-to-day tasks and multitasking? Linux offers laptops for high performance, students, home offices, small businesses, entertainment, and gaming, among other uses.

Business and Home Office use case: The Linux laptops are a line of high-performance notebooks designed for maximum productivity and efficiency. The linux operating system is often used by professionals in the technology domains like Cybersecurity, Networking and Robotics.

Entertainment and gaming use cases: Linux laptops take multimedia to new heights. Premium visuals, studio-quality audio, and quick processing technologies improve your movie and music viewing experience. Gamers will also be enthralled by high-performance features like high-resolution monitors and a smart touchpad.

Students and education use case: The new Linux laptops come with suitable features for even students. Students are able to run a lot of applications and softwares as per their requirements on a linux laptop without any issue of lag and slowing down. Linux has a lightweight OS, which does not do heavy processing in the background.

A fair pricing, enough performance, a good display, and a comfortable keyboard are just a few of the factors taken into account. Manufacturers update their product portfolios on a regular basis with new hardware and design, and some generations are superior to others.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the Linux laptop come with any MS Office equivalent software?

Linux has its own designated suite similar to that of MS Office called Libra. They offer similar functionality compared to that of MS Office and are lightweight applications.

2. What is the display quality of the new laptops?

The latest laptops are currently having a display resolution of1920 x 1080. This new display technology is more similar to LED technology, resulting in enhanced visual contrast and dynamic range.

3. What is the difference between 16-inch and 14-inch laptops apart from screen size?

Except for screen sizes and pricing ranges, all laptops have similar designs and functions. There is no difference in laptop models with different screen sizes apart from price.

4. Will Linux come pre-installed?

The latest Linux OS version will be pre-installed with the laptops having the most recent version of the operating system. The new Linux software updates will be available on the laptop as it is released by Microsoft and will work on all compatible laptops.

5. What are the various connectivity ports on the laptops?

The latest versions have an HDMI port, an SD card slot, a 3.5 mm jack, three Thunderbolt 4 connections, and a charging port, which allows you to swiftly charge your laptop.

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