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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
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Gym gloves for men provide better grip, prevent injuries

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  • Published on Jul 04, 2022 17:32 IST
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Gym gloves help in preventing blisters and calluses during heavy workouts. Read on to see our top picks in the category. 

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Wearing gym gloves offer protection to hands. 

Have you ever experienced blisters and calluses while working out at the gym? Well, these things hurt and simply do not make for a good sight. To prevent injuries and make it easy to lift weights, opting for gym gloves make for a good option. These come with soft padding and offer high support to one's wrist, making it easy for men to give their best at every workout session without worrying about getting hurt. It is always advisable to go for gloves that are made of breathable and lightweight material, for it helps in keep sweat from palms at bay and also prevent bad odour.

There are a number of options available online. To help you with selection, we have prepared a list of gym gloves for men below. All listed products are durable ones and will help you improve your performance too. You can expect strong and firm grip on gym or workout equipment after wearing these. To take a look, scroll down.

Arrow Fitness Workout Gloves
This pair of gym gloves is made from genuine leather. A durable pair, the back of the gloves is made from good quality mesh material that allows air to pass through them. The material also has great elasticity. It provides wrist support, thereby facilitating one in lifting weights. The material used is anti-slip and provides optimum support in gripping things.

Nivia Crystal Gym Gloves
This pair of gym gloves is perfect for those who are fitness enthusiasts and are into lifting weights. Made from cotton yarn material, the gloves come with hook- and-loop closure. The fabric it is made from is stretchy, washable and lightweight. It is versatile accessory and can be worn for workouts, biking and more. Besides, the gloves come with padded palms that offer one greater protection while workout out.

Arrowmax Exercise Gym Gloves

This pair of gym gloves is made from best mesh fabric that allows air to pass through the material, thus reducing the sweat and odour from palms. Designed to offer protection to your hands, you won't have to worry about getting bruised, calluses, soreness during strenuous workouts. Wearing the gloves will also improve your grip on things, allowing you to do more reps of a particular workout at one go.

Aprodo Gym Gloves
Made from high-quality neoprene fabric, this pair of gloves is a durable one. The back of the gloves is made from lycra fabric. Those who are into weight lifting or strength training, it is an ideal pick for them, as it prevents the formation of blisters and calluses. The padding on the palm area of the gloves feels soft. Available in free size, the gloves provide support to wrists and can be worn for multiple purposes.

Xtrim Leather Gym Gloves
An all-purpose pair of gloves, it will offer your hands protection from injuries. It is made from leather material that is washable and is stretchy too. The broad and adjustable elastic wrist support band helps during lifting heavy weights. A durable pair, it will cover your entire palm and the soft padding will ensure your hands stay protected and safe.

Price of gym gloves for men at a glance:

Price of gym gloves for men at a glancePrice
 Arrow Fitness Workout Gloves  3,875.00
 Nivia Crystal Gym Gloves 280.00
 Aprodo Gym Gloves  449.00
 Xtrim leather gym gloves  888.00
 Arrowmax gym gloves  600.00

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