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Saturday, Feb 04, 2023
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Joggers for men: Comfort and style are the biggest attractions

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jul 27, 2022 12:39 IST
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Traditional track pants seem to have given way to joggers. The latter does pretty much the same thing, but because of its tapering-towards-the-ankle design, it is a more convenient garment to wear for sportspersons.

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Joggers for men offer great convenience and are an ideal casual wear option.

If you are into exercise or fitness training in a major way, then you will know the importance of a pair of joggers. But what is a jogger? To those of you who are new to the term, a jogger is a regular sports pants but with a slight change in design - it is broad at the waist and tapers down the leg, fitting the ankle snugly. It is lightweight, comfortable and has an athletic look. These days, it has become the most-favoured garment among sportspersons. However, this garment is increasingly becoming popular with everybody for the convenience it affords. What's more is that it is super stylish too. For many, it is becoming their go-to attire for casual outings.

Now, if you are keen of them but don't know where to begin, we can help. Amazon has an impressive collection of many such joggers. What's more is that most of them are very moderately priced and are, hence, affordable. We have put together a list of such products that you will find useful. Do check them out.

Jockey Men Joggers

This pair of joggers for men is available in six different shades including grey, black, blue and green. This slim fit joggers is made using cotton (80%) and polyester (20%) fabrics. Hence, it is comfortable and at the same time easy to maintain. Also, the cotton used in it, is a super combed variety. It features a comfortable ribbed waistband with drawstrings. It also comes with a convenient side pocket with zipper for added security.

Jockey Men's Relaxed Fit Joggers

This slim fit pair of joggers is ideal for exercise as well as casual wear. It is made using cotton (70%) and polyester (30%). A technology called ‘StayDry treatment’ has been used in the making of this garment. It helps in additional evaporation and hence the wearer is always dry and comfortable. The fabric has also undergone a StayFresh treatment with antimicrobial properties that helps one stay fresh throughout the day.

Peppyzone Men's Regular Fit Joggers

This pair of joggers is available in a host of colours including shades of grey, black, blue, green, pink and khaki. This regular fit sports attire is made from 100% cotton fabric. It is stylish in design with convertible waistline and pockets. These joggers are great as casual wear as well. It comes with pockets and has an elastic as its closure type. It is mid rise in style.

Jugular Men's Cotton Track Pant & Joggers

This pair of joggers is available in four colours - black, navy, olive and maroon. This is a slim fit pair of joggers and is made using 100% pure cotton. It comes with a pocket which has a zipper for additional security of your mobile phone, keys, wallets etc. It is mid rise in style and is wide at the waist and tapers towards the ankle.

Novarc Men's Joggers

This slim fit pair of joggers is made using good quality cotton and is styled more like Chinos. That means that you can easily wear it even as your evening wear or casual outing wear. It is mid rise in style and has drawstring closure. This smart-looking attire can easily be your son's college-going attire. Men can also slip into them for a visit to the market or while visiting family and friends.

Price of joggers for men at a glance:

Jockey Men Joggers 1,299.00
Jockey Men's Relaxed Fit Joggers 1,299.00
Peppyzone Men's Regular Fit Joggers 1,299.00
Jugular Men's Cotton Track Pant& Joggers 999.00
Novarc Men's Joggers 2,649.00

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