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Friday, Jul 01, 2022
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Printed T-shirts for men: Add colour and personality to your closet 

  • By Edited by Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on May 25, 2022 20:02 IST
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Every man must possess at least one printed t-shirt. Solid t-shirts may be a natural choice for men, but printed t-shirts add a dash of colour to the wardrobe.hin

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Printed t-shirts are a must-have for men.

When it comes to t-shirts, men tend to go for solid colours. That is the reason why we tend to see men in t-shirts that are black, blue, white or gray shades. But that should not be the case. Printed t-shirts can add a lot of colour to a person's clothes cabinet. In fact, printed t-shirts that come with quotes can reflect the personality of the wearer. If you haven't thought of them, it is time you included them in your wardrobe.

There is a vast variety in printed t-shirts - geometric, floral, t-shirts with slogans and striped t-shirts. T-shirts are very popular as garments as they are fuss-free, easy to wear and much easier to maintain. Prints on them only a dash of fun to garments.

If we have convinced you pick them up, then Amazon is a good place to begin your search. There is a lot of variety on the e-commerce platform and what's best is that it has a mix of brands - some are well known ones while others may not be big but doesn't mean their products are any less. We have shortlisted some products that should take a look at.

Price of printed t-shirts for men at a glance: 

Cherokee Men's Printed Regular fit 299.00
Amazon Brand - House & Shields Men's Regular T-Shirt 299.00 - 389.00
Leotude Mens T-Shirts 299.00 - 339.00
Joven Men T Shirt 229.00
Printed Tshirt for Men 499.00

Cherokee Men's Printed Regular fit

This printed t-shirt is available in a regular fit. Written on it is ‘California 73’ in capital letters. With its round neck and half sleeves, this t-shirt is an ideal casual wear garment. With its white background, it is a very good summer wear option too. You can pair it with jeans, semi formal trousers, chinos or even shorts. It can be machine washed and is available only in one size - XL.

Amazon Brand - House & Shields Men's Regular T-Shirt

This printed t-shirt with small geometric prints all over its body is available in eight different colours, names of the shade being Deep Teal, Ash, Blue tint, Bright White, Bright White 1, Bright White 2, Deep Teal 1 and Medieval Blue. This regular fit t-shirt is made from 100% cotton fabric. Its neck finishing has been done using cotton spandex rib for better fit and comfort. Its sizes start from small and go up to 4XL.

Leotude Mens T-Shirts

This smart printed t-shirt is available only red colour with prints in black and white. It comes in a slightly oversized fit but it not too obvious to the eye. The fabric is a cotton blend, which makes it cool for summers as well as easy to maintain. It has half sleeves with round neck. Its sizes start from small and go up to 3XL.

Joven Men T Shirt

This print t-shirt is available in eight different colours and prints. The colours include Creamy Green, Black Blue, Black Green, Black Peach, Black Yellow, Blue Black, Burgundy Yellow and Dark Green. The patterns too offer a variety - you can expect floral and geometric prints and slogans. It has been made from 100% cotton fabric and comes as a comfort fit garment. The sizies start from small and go up to XL.

Printed Tshirt for Men

This printed t-shirts gets its inspiration from popular films. Printed on it is the face of popular Kannada star Yash from his successful film, KGF. This t-shirt is available only in one colour - black. This slim fit has round collar and half sleeves. The sizes start from small and go up to 2XL. It is an ideal casual wear option and can be paired with a variety of lowers including pants, trousers, shorts and chinos.

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