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Sunday, Feb 05, 2023
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Sunday, Feb 05, 2023
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Rings for men are about expressing one's personality, personal style 

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jul 27, 2022 15:28 IST
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Not many men were seen wearing rings in the past. However, today for many men, wearing a ring is about displaying a part of their personality. It is also about being fashionable.

product info
Rings for men come mostly in gold, silver and platinum plating.   

Rings are not a fashion accessory one usually associates with men - one can expect fancy watches, nice wallets, cufflinks, ties or shoes but not rings. The only time one is likely to see a ring on a man's hand is when he is engaged to get married. Else, if he is undergoing a lean period and needs help of astrology to tide over a crisis. It was always women who took to rings in a big way as a fashionwear. However, trends are changing as men are also taking to rings. Often, it is an expression of their personality or an extension of their personality. Increasingly, men are also wearing rings that display their religious beliefs.

Now, if you are beginner on this front then we can help you get your favourite ring. If you don't know where to begin, then Amazon is a good place to begin your search. Actually, don't just search for them, you should pick up some of them too. We have curated a list which should help you decide better. Take a look.

Bhima Jewellers Gold Ring For Men

If you thought Amazon is only about inexpensive jewellery, well then, think again. This solid and heavy ring for men is made using 22K (916) yellow gold. It comes with a BIS Hallmark stamp and, hence, can be trusted. It has a height of height is 25 mm and width is 9 mm. The makers, Bhima Jewellers, have a ‘Buyback & Exchange’ policy so you can breathe easy, in case there is some damage when it is delivered to you.

Yellow Chimes Men’s Stainless Steel Dragon Celtic Rings

This is a combo pack - which means there are two rings in a single package. These rings are weighty and durable and come with excellent scratch-resistant performance. It comes with IPS process of plating which ensures that its colour does not fade and keeps the shine intact too. It is made using pure surgical stainless steel and do not cause any harm to skin. It is an ideal gift option.

MEENAZ Titanium Stainless Steel Rings

This is a unisex ring; so both men and women can wear it. Its base metal is stainless steel and is available in three colours - black, platinum and gold. It has a 8 mm width with the inner circumference being 1.9 cm. This ring is an ideal gift for both women and men as well.

Clara 0.925 Stone Sterling Silver Ring for Men

This ring has been made using 92.5 % sterling silver. It can be trusted as it comes with BIS Hallmark. Its plating is 2 microns thick and is a nickel-free rhodium plating and ensures long-lasting shine. It comes with lifetime buyback of its silver value. Its size begin from 16 and goes up to 24.

Sither Fidget Rings

This ring is dubbed an anti-anxiety ring. The makers claim that you can release stress, relieve boredom, find inspiration and add fun in life by rotating double ring. The design of this ring is simple but delicate. It is ade with stainless steel. It will not fade away and break easily and can be worn daily. If you rotate this double ring to relieve stress and enhance the ability of hands.

Price of rings for men at a glance:

Bhima Jewellers Gold Ring For Men 47,608.00
Yellow Chimes Men’s Stainless Steel Dragon Celtic Rings 1,745.00
MEENAZ Titanium Stainless Steel Rings 2,000.00
Clara 0.925 Stone Sterling Silver Ring for Men 2,598.00
Sither Fidget Rings 3,939.00

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