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Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Sunday, May 29, 2022
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  • Shirts for women: Relaxed cuts, versatility and utility make them a big hit   

Shirts for women: Relaxed cuts, versatility and utility make them a big hit   

  • By Edited by Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on May 13, 2022 18:05 IST
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Shirts are an eternal favourite of women - they are a versatile wear and can be worn with pants, shorts and skirts. Depending on the fabric and design, they can be a party wear as well as a casual wear.  

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A shirt is an all-weather and classic dress that never goes out of fashion. 

You can have a host of garments in your closet but without a good shirt, you are certainly missing out on something essential. Shirts are high on fashion and utility. A classic fit shirt in satin or silk can make you stand out in a crowd like no other garment can. It is a timeless statement wear which is bold and classy. With front button closure, it is also very sexy. However, in more modest fabrics like cotton, it is among the most utilitarian garments known to humans. It is easy to wear, can go with jeans, pants, trousers, skirts, shorts, wraparounds among others and compliments one's look rather well. If it comes in loose fit, you don't even have to open the buttons; just slip into them, head first. The garment can also be the most business-like of dresses - want to leave a lasting impression at the boardroom? Opt for crisp cotton shirt and let your appearance do the talking.

Now, if we have convinced you to give this garment a try, then online platforms are a good place to begin your search from. Amazon has an impressive collection of such shirts that you must definitely take a look at.

Damen Mode Women's Red and Black Cotton Classic Collar Checkered Shirt

This popular red-and-black checkered hip-length shirt has been made from cotton fabric. It comes with full sleeves. This slim fit shirt is available in sizes - XS, S, M and L.

Funday Fashion Women's Long Sleeve Formal Shirt

This regular fit shirt is made from rayon fabric and is, hence, comfortable in summers too. Its full sleeves will prevent you from getting tanned. It has a front button closure and reaches little short of the hip. This solid shirt is available in a number of colours including wine, brown, peach and white among others. The sizes start from small and go up to XL.

Mizago Women's Classic Fit Shirt

This classic cut shirt is made from rayon fabric and is available in two solid colours - black and white. It is a full sleeves shirt and ideal for all kinds of occasions - casual, party and beach. Its sizes start from XS and go up to XL. It can be machine washed.

Leriya Fashion Corduroy Long Sleeve Pocket Shirts

This pretty full sleeves shirt is available in four solid colours, namely white, black, navy blue and red. It is more of a relaxed evening wear and can't be worn much in the day, especially if your job needs you to travel during the day. But if yours is a desk job, then this is neat option as it is a mix of cotton (35%), polyester (60%) and Spandex (5%). The feel of the fabric is bound to be soft and comfortable to wear while it will look comfy and cozy. Its deep V neck is sure to make you look sexy. You can only dry clean this garment.

R Cube Women's Regular Shirt

This regular fit shirt is available in four different colours - peach, black, green and pink. It is also being sold in combinations of twos and threes. Made from a fabric, which the makers call ‘samar kul’, this solid shirt appears to be an easy maintenance garment. You can hand wash it. It features Chinese collar and has three-fourth sleeves.

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