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Friday, Oct 07, 2022
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Friday, Oct 07, 2022
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  • Silver rings for boys: Pick ones that reflect your personality, are fashionable 

Silver rings for boys: Pick ones that reflect your personality, are fashionable 

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jul 26, 2022 13:16 IST
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While we don't associate fashion jewellery with men, it is definitely not always the case. There is enough evidence to show that men and boys also like wearing them. Check out some options in silver rings for boys.

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Silver rings for boys look cool and super stylish too.

Jewellery is not what one associates with men, much less with boys. In the past, the only time one thought of men wearing rings was at the time of their engagement for marriage or for religious or astrological reasons. However, all that is changing. Men and boys are taking to fashion accessories like duck takes to water, which was thereto a female dominion. Today, there are a plethora of fashion jewellery products that are targeted especially towards men and boys. You can get rings, ear studs and chains aplenty.

For this discussion we are picking rings made of silver that are especially meant for boys. One is presuming these are boys in the teenage years. College years are about being fashionable and trendy. It is also the time to impress girls in your class.

If you are keen on exploring silver rings, then Amazon can be the right place to begin your search and make your first purchases.

GIVA 925 Sterling Oxidised Silver Ring

This adjustable ring can be worn by boys as well men. If you like to show your allegiance to your faith and yet keep it subtle, then this is the ring for you. This is meant for devotees of Lord Shiva - it features part of the trident and damru (the drum that Lord Shiva holds). Made from oxidised silver with 925 hallmark, it is unlikely to lose its shine in a long time.

CLARA 925 Sterling Silver Ring

This stone-studded band comes with multiple design options. There are as many as 11 different designs. It comes with anti-tarnish e-coating that prevents tarnishing. By and large, the ring features a band that is adjustable at the lower side. Many of them feature a stone at the centre in different shapes but some are plain bands. These bands can ideally be worn to weddings.

MEENAZ Couple CZ AD Solitaire Rings

If you like your ring to be subtle, then this is for you. Designed like a classical wedding band, this set comes in a pair for ‘him’ and 'her'. But it can very well be worn as a fashion jewellery too by both genders. This silver-plated ring features a big cubic zirconia in the centre. This ring has a rich platinum finish and gives very modern and trendy vibe.

YouBella Stylish Revolving Calender Jewellery

This ring has an interesting twist to it - it features a revolving calendar - so you can now set date-time-day of the week and not bother about checking your phone or you desktop calendar for such details. The base metal of this ring is stainless steel and it has been silver-plated. One section of the band has a gold-plating too.

University Trendz Square Geometric

Here's yet another plain and rather elemental design ring for boys. Men can also sport them. Its base metal is stainless steel and it has a silver quoting on it. Its IP silver plating process ensures that its colour never fades and keeps its shine intact. Its simple and elegant design looks good on any hand, giving character and strength to the wearer.

Price of silver rings for men at a glance:

GIVA 925 Sterling Oxidised Silver Ring 2,998.00
CLARA 925 Sterling Silver Ring 2,998.00
MEENAZ Couple CZ AD Solitaire Rings 3,000.00
YouBella Stylish Revolving Calender Jewellery 1,999.00
University Trendz Square Geometric 999.00

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