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Summer jacket for men should be lightweight and meant as casualwear

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Jul 29, 2022 13:19 IST
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Summer jackets for men look super stylish and are mainly seen as a fashion wear. However, they also give protection against cold winds and light rain in many cases.  

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Summer jackets for men are general lightweight and comfortable.

Summer is hardly the time of the year when one thinks of a jacket in India. With temperatures in peak summer hovering above 40 degrees all across the country, life was nothing short of being miserable. Yet, if one were to take a cursory glance at online e-commerce platforms and you will see that they are flooded with summer jackets for men.

So just what is a summer jacket? Basically, it is the same old jacket, however, it is made if lightweight fabric. But why would one want to wear in jacket in oppressive Indian summer? The obvious reason is for style and to be fashionable. There is, however, another reason why wearing a lightweight jacket in extremely hot weather is not a bad idea - it provides the most basic protection against ultra violet rays (UVA and UVB). Apart from causing sunburns and accelerating the process of ageing, UV rays can lead to cancer. Wearing a full sleeves jacket could be a simple and effective way of reversing such damages. Then, there are wind cheater jackets, meant for regions that get lashed by rains. They are meant to provide protection against cold winds and light rain.

If you are keen on finding more options, then Amazon can be a good place to begin. We have curated a list of such items, take a look.

Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Foldable Windcheater

As the name suggests, this is a wind cheater jacket, which means that it is a jacket, made from thin fabric, designed to resist wind chill and light rain. This regular fit jacket is available in a number of attractive colours - black, olive green, blue and grey. It has been made using 100% polyester. It comes with the front zipper closure and side pockets and is meant as a casual wear option. This is an ultralight foldable windcheater and has a pouch.

OJASS Men's Solid Regular Jacket

This regular fit jacket pretty much works like a wind cheater though the makers haven't described it that way. It is made from polyester and is available in four different colours combinations - grey-black, black-grey, navy - red and olive-black. This smart-looking jacket is ideal as your mild weather option. It has long sleeves, comes with a zipper closure and has a spread collar design.

Campus Sutra Men's Regular Jacket

Here's yet another cool-looking jacket option for men. This regular fit jacket is made using 100% polyester fabric. It comes with Chinese or Mandarin collar design (to some it may appear as a mock collar design too). It has long sleeves with side pockets. It is so designed to make you look slim. It is an ideal sportswear; you can wear it during a session of running, workout, gym, football, or cricket.

Campus Sutra Men Hooded Sports Jacket

This is described as a solid coloured, stylish and casual hooded sports jacket, meant for men. It is a full sleeves jacket with high collar design. It is black in colour with bright orange lining at the zip. It also features an orange logo, which lends a very stylish look. This jacket is available only in two sizes - small and medium.

Campus Sutra Denim Jacket

This is a denim jacket and full sleeves in design. This regular fit jacket is available in two colours - denim black and denim grey. This is not your regular full sleeves jacket in that while the body is made from denim, the sleeves are made from regular cotton. It has four front buttons and comes with a front button closure.

Price of summer jackets for men at a glance:

Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Foldable Windcheater 2,499.00
OJASS Men's Solid Regular Jacket 1,900.00
Campus Sutra Men's Regular Jacket 2,499.00
Campus Sutra Men Hooded Sports Jacket 2,499.00
Campus Sutra Denim Jacket 2,599.00

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