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Monday, Feb 06, 2023
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Monday, Feb 06, 2023
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An artist will tell you no number of makeup brushes are ever enough, top picks

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Dec 09, 2021 19:05 IST
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Every makeup brush serves a different purpose. They help in blending and contouring the makeup well into the skin, and ensure it is evenly applied.

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Behind every outstanding makeup are the brushes which contour and blend makeup well into the skin.

A makeup artist, or an enthusiast will tell you that no matter how many makeup brushes you own, they are never enough. Some of you will be surprised to see a makeup kit consisting of 24 brushes or even more. But let us tell you that every makeup brush serves a different purpose. Behind every spot-on look are the brushes which help contour and blend the makeup really well into the skin. 

The brushes ensure that the makeup is applied evenly on your skin, among many other things. It is important to make sure that the bristles of the brushes are skin-friendly, that the brushes weigh light so that it is easy to apply and blend makeup. 

Well, after factoring in all these considerations, we have prepared a list of makeup kits for you to get a flawless look everyday. After all, looking as fabulous as Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor is also about how well you do your makeup. So

1. MINISO Makeup Brush Set

This makeup kit comprises powder brush, shading brush, lip brush, sponge eyeshadow brush, eyebrow comb and a folding bag. The brushes are made of high-density synthetic hair which feel soft on skin. They blend and contour the makeup well into the skin with perfection. Besides, they are easy to hold, as they weigh less and are also portable. The makeup kit is perfect for both those who are new to doing makeup and professionals.   

2. KYLIE Premium Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush Kit

The kit includes 10 makeup brushes, one makeup sponge and a brush cleaner. The handles of these brushes are durable, as they are made of sturdy wood. The brushes, however, are made of synthetic hair which is suitable for all skin types and feel soft on skin. All the brushes and sponges are easy to use and come in handy for blending and contouring the makeup well into the skin.

3. MACPLUS Fiber Bristle Makeup Brush Set

A makeup enthusiast is likely to fall in love with this set of 24 brushes, with each one of them serving a different purpose. The brushes have soft bristles. They are suitable for all skin types and do not cause any irritation to the skin. The brushes come in handy for contouring and blending the makeup well into the skin. All the brushes of a similar length and thickness. Besides, the glue used on bristles is environmental friendly and toxic-free. 

4. Techicon High Quality Fiber Bristle Makeup Brushes Set Kit

This set of 12 makeup brushes are made of high-quality fiber hair. The brushes have a silver body with golden-coloured edges, and serve various purposes. The bristles feel soft on skin and help to ensure that the makeup blends well into the skin seamlessly. The kit can be your travel companion as the brushes are lightweight, and thus portable.

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