Antioxidants are great way to boost immunity, don't ignore them. See best picks

In recent years, one has read a lot about antioxidants - the magic ingredient that boosts health and wellness and helps defy ageing. Here are few such health supplements that should be a part of your daily routine. 
The best way to fight Covid, in the long term, is to increase your body's immunity. and supplements can come in handy.(Pexels)
The best way to fight Covid, in the long term, is to increase your body's immunity. and supplements can come in handy.(Pexels)
Updated on Dec 22, 2021 05:55 PM IST
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ByNivedita Mishra

Winter months are usually the time when cold and cough become our unwanted steady companions. It is also the time when our immune system needs to be augmented every now and then precisely to keep irritants like cold and cough at bay.

With increased awareness in health and wellness, people are now getting to know how consuming some supplements can delay the process of ageing and prevent other age-related issues. In the post-Covid world, there is renewed interest in how immune boosters are the need of the hour. With reports suggesting that Omicron will peak in January 2022, it is time we took note. 

It is here that antioxidants come in handy. From dealing with cold-related ailments, giving a fillip to hair and nail health to reducing to scare of heart and other vital organs' ailments, supplements can go a long way in leading a healthy life. 

For generations, Indians have known about the goodness of turmeric, which is why it is central to Indian cooking. But did you know that the extracts of Milk Thistle plant is greatly beneficial as a liver detoxifier? Or supplements that help in reducing joint-related problems? 

In case, you are confused about where to begin, we could help you with a list of products shortlisted from Amazon. Take a look:

1) Curkey One strip of 10 pastilles Natural Curcumin Extract from Turmeric - Sugar Free, Mint Flavour



For centuries, we Indians have known the goodness of haldi (turmeric). It forms a part of our everyday cooking and staple of every Indian kitchen. The West is waking up to its goodness now. A magic ingredient in haldi called Curcumin has gained popularity for its strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory molecules, extracted from Curcuma Longa (scientific name of turmeric). 

These tablets' ingredients (Curkey Pastilles) get directly absorbed into the blood. These tablets help fight sore throat, which is indicative of various respiratory complications like cough, cold, flu or respiratory infections. Many of these symptoms are close to those caused by Covid infection. 

2) Himalayan Organics Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 800Mg/Serve 120 Veg Capsules



Milk Thistle is known to be a powerful liver toxin remover. By getting rid of toxins and harmful wastes, it helps support various liver functions and health. You can have two capsules daily or as directed by your doctor. This product is organic and does not contain additives, preservatives or fillers and is non GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) and gluten free.


3) HealthyHey Nutrition Curcumin with Bioperine 1310mg (Ultra Pure) | Organic Turmeric, 90 Vegetable Capsules with Piperine


Here's another haldi-based tablet, rich in Curcumin extract. Bioperine, known to boost brain function, is an integral part of this tablet. Apart from turmeric's anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this tablet also helps fight join pain and boost mental health. 


4) Carbamide Forte Biotin Supplement with 50 Multivitamin Ingredients for Women & Men - 90 Veg Tablets



One of the first signs of stress-related ailments get manifested as hair problems. Biotin helps boost hair health. These tablets, meant for both women and men, with multivitamins can help support hair health and help support hair strength. It also contains skin supplement and works as an energy, immunity and vitality booster.


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