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Best shampoos for frizzy and wavy hair you must try

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Nov 17, 2022 17:57 IST
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To give your curls definition and remove frizz and flyaways, there are shampoos available in the market that can do wonders.

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Shampoos formulated for wavy hair help enhance curl definition and remove frizz.

The beauty of wavy locks is unparalleled. They look super cool and enhance the beauty of the person. But do you know you can give definition to your curls? Yes, there are shampoos available in the market that can elevate your curls besides cleansing and moisturising the strands. These days, as we know, shampoos not just cleanse the hair, thanks to the multiple ingredients that come packed with, they provide hydrating and nourishing benefits too. Besides, frizzy hair is a commonplace problem too. So, to tackle that too we have rounded up some formulations from Amazon. They are best suited for wavy and frizzy hair.

Some of them even help with some of the hair woes like hair breakage. If you’re looking to elevate your hair care game, then let us help you with some shampoo options that will get you amazing results. Scroll down to take a look.

Curl Up Moisturising Curly Hair Shampoo
This Coconut-based shampoo cleanses hair very well and keeps the strands moisturised too. You will see a sheen in your strands after using this product over a period of time. It encourages curl formation and reduces frizz and flyaways. A dermatologically tested and cruelty-free formulation, this one is free from paraben, sulphate and other nasties too. A must buy for sure.

TRue FRoG Shampoo for Curly, Wavy, Dry and Frizzy Hair

This shampoo is formulated to combat the problem of frizz in hair. It is best suitable for those with curly, wavy and dry hair. Enriched with Beetroot and Corn starch extracts, Quinoa protein, Chia seed extracts, this one provides definition to your curls and restores hydration to every cuticle of hair. A must try, it is free from nasties.

Curlin Unmess Moisturising Curly Hair Shampoo
This hair shampoo will cleanse and nourish your hair super effectively. A perfect formulation for your hair, this one comes infused with the richness of Olive and Soy extracts. Got wavy and frizzy hair? Then you’ve got to try this one. It makes hair super manageable and moisturised. Free from any kind of alcohol or petroleum, both men and women can use it.

Kayos Grapeseed Shampoo
This shampoo is made from organic and natural ingredients. It is free from silicone, sulphate and mineral oil etc. Not only will this formulation cleanse the scalp deeply, it will also keep strands hydrated and moisturised, reducing frizz. If you have wavy hair, then this shampoo can be the best fit for you. It contains Grapeseed oil, Hibiscus extract, Wheat protein and Argan oil.

Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo
This shampoo formulation helps cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly. It helps in nourishing the strands and making them soft and smooth. Devoid of nasties like paraben, sulphate, SLS, among other things, this shampoo prevents hair breakage too. It has a pleasant and aromatic scent of coffee. Enriched with the goodness of fermented rice extract, plant protein, shea butter, Jamaican black castor oil and Hyaluronic Acid, this one makes for a good pick for those with wavy and frizzy hair.

Price of shampoo for frizzy and wavy hair at a glance:

Curl Up Moisturising Curly Hair Shampoo 575.00 
TRue FRoG Shampoo for Curly, Wavy, Dry and Frizzy Hair 585.00
Curlin Unmess Moisturising Curly Hair Shampoo 749.00
Kayos Grapeseed Shampoo 499.00
Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo 599.00

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