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Best shaving kits for men: Charm of a clean-shaven look is endless

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Nov 30, 2022 16:03 IST
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Shaving kits for men are a vital grooming essential in men's cupboards. Read on to know the best options on Amazon.

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Shaving kits are a must have for men.

There is no denying the fact that a huge section of women prefer their men clean shaven. Some may dispute this claim, but many will nod in agreement. A clean shaven look gives the notion of civility and class. From a fashion and style perspective too, there are enough reasons why men ought to go in for this look. For one, a clean shaven look is when facial features such a strong jawline and other stand-out features show. This look also makes a man look professional and elegant.

From time immemorial, men have used various techniques to rid themselves of facial hair. We in India have known about the use of the humble “ustra” for centuries. For generations, this has been the prized tool in the barber's kit. With the dawn of modernity, the 'barber and his ustra' culture got replaced by one's personal shaving kit. We are all familiar with our fathers' early morning ritual. Your dad's shaving kit would invariably have a shaving cream or foam, a razor, a mirror and a brush. This would be the shaving kit staple. In recent years, however, the electric shavers have given a serious challenge to these kits. Despite that the charm of owning one never really goes away, thanks largely to its effectiveness and its no-fuss utilitarian value.

If you are one of those men who agree with us, then you must certainly own one. And if you have one, it is always a good idea to replace the old with the new. We have bunched together a collection of the best shaving kits for men available on Amazon and think you should definitely give them a try.

Pink Wool Luxury Shaving Kit for Men

This is a shaving set for men and contains a shaving brush and luxury shaving soap. The brush has 100% Boar hair bristles and creates a consistent dense and thick lather with its 28mm knot and gently exfoliates your skin giving you a close shave and smooth skin. Its absorbent bristles hold and retain water longer, allowing you to apply shaving cream/ soap faster and get a real and wet shave. The soap in this pack comes in a large 100g shaving bowl which contains 50g of shave soap. Collectively, it creates dense and rich lather that does not dry out. The entire package is natural and moisturising option and comes with a 36% discount.

Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection 8 in 1 Combo Grooming Kit for Men

This shaving kit is a collection of eight items - body spray (150 ml), after shave spray (50ml), fragrant soap (125g), lather shaving cream (84g), shaving brush (1N), Apache razor (1N), pure collection spray (50ml) - mostly from Park Avenue. This pack is thoughtfully designed for men who deserve to be pampered. This pack can amp up your grooming game and can add an edge to your personality. You can get an 18% discount on this product. 

Foreign Holics All in One Shaving Grooming Kit

This is a shaving and grooming kit that also can be your travel kit. This can be used on a daily basis too. The kit contains - shaving cream, comb, a pair of scissors, brush, tooth paste, shaving razor among others. This is a lightweight item and is convenient too. It is a compact kit and can easily fit into your suitcase. It is available at a 44% discount on this kit.

Park Avenue Good Grooming Kit For Men (Combo Of 8)

Here's another shaving kit option from Park Avenue for men. This is a combo of eight items. You can expect the following - Park Avenue fragrance body spray (150 ml), soap (125G), Deo talc (100G), shaving cream (84G), after shave lotion travel pack (50ml), razor and shaving brush. It is also a premium quality travel pouch. This kit can be used in a number of ways - daily use, traveling or gifting. It is available at 20% discount.  

LetsShave Pro 6 Plus Lite Face & Head Shaving Razor Value Set

This kit contains the following - razor, four blades and razor cap. This is a 6-blade shaving razor with stainless steel that are carefully positioned to give a gentle shave in a single stroke. This kit comes with a moisturising strip that is enriched with Aloe Vera, vitamin E and Lavender extracts. It protects even sensitive skin against irritation. This is 33% discount on this product.

Price of shaving kits for men at a glance:

Pink Wool Luxury Shaving Kit for Men 1,399.00
Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection 8 in 1 Combo Grooming Kit for Men 730.00
Foreign Holics All in One Shaving Grooming Kit 799.00
Park Avenue Good Grooming Kit For Men (Combo Of 8) 625.00
LetsShave Pro 6 Plus Lite Face & Head Shaving Razor Value Set 1,197.00

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