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Sunday, Sep 25, 2022
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Sunday, Sep 25, 2022
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Gym equipment for home: Invest in some and see your fitness levels go up

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Sep 20, 2022 18:51 IST
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In times when finding time to visit a gym may look difficult, thanks to our grueling time schedules, bringing home gym equipment is a simple solution.

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Gym equipment for home is a simple and effective way to get fit. 

Fitness is a buzzword today; be it men or women or young adults, all want to get fit. Gym enrolments have definitely increased over the years and so have our obsession with one kind of weight-reducing diet or the other. However, grueling work schedules don't always leave us with time and energy to visit gyms and pursue a weight reduction oriented diet always. In such scenarios, it is always a good idea to bring home a "gym". What exactly do we mean by that? Well, it is always a nice idea to have home equipment likes weights etc that help us exercise right in the comfort of our homes.

Just what kind of equipment would fit the bill? You can keep a whole range of products actually - dumbbell rods and weights, tummy trimmer, push up bars stand, tummy twister abdominal exerciser or perhaps an ab roller wheel. Now, the best bit is that all these equipment are actually rather easy to bring home as all are available on online e-commerce platforms like Amazon. We have curated a list of such equipment which we think you should seriously consider bringing home. See here.

Kore PVC 10-40 Kg Home Gym Set

This home gym set includes one 3 feet curl and one pair dumbbell rods (1 x 3 feet curl rod) with gym accessories. This set contains 16 kg of PVC weight (2 kg x 8 = 16 kg). It also includes 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods. Also included in the set are the following - 100% leather gym gloves, one gym backpack, one skipping rope, one hand gripper, 2 locks and clippers comes with the rods. This is a highly durable and long-lasting set and a perfect muscle builder.

Boldfit Tummy Trimmer for Men & Women

This tummy trimmer is made of steel. This equipment is lightweight and portable. It is easy to store, easy to carry and easy to use. It has been made from upgraded high quality plastic and springs. This equipment comes with a non stick board, which makes it comfortable to put one's foot on and also gives a good grip. With a firm hold, doing exercise for abdomen, arm and chest looks rather easy.

Rexez Push Up Bars Stand

This is an ideal home gym equipment and can be used for chest press, home gym fitness exercise, strength training and push up bars. It is a durable and long lasting equipment and is made using premium quality material. It can be used for a longer period. It has removable bases for easy portability. It has durable PVC bars and is safe and convenient to use. The hand grips are sweat-absorbent and non-slip that feels comfortable.

ALN Tummy Twister Abdominal ABS Exerciser Body Toner-Fat Buster

Are you keen on getting a firmer stomach using a fun, easy-to-use tummy trimmer? Just a few minutes a day will help you burn off calories easily. It also works as a waist twister exercise and boosts one's metabolism. Women can now get their desired curves in an easy way. This twister can be used to tighten your legs, bellies and back.

PRO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workouts

This is an ideal home gym equipment, meant for abdominal exercise and core workouts for men and women. This pack comes with 6 mm knee mat and a yellow roller. Apart from abdomen, this equipment strengthens and tones shoulders, arms and back with dual Ab wheel. It comes with easy-grip wheels and has two non-skid wheels for added stability.

Price of gym equipment for home at a glance:

Kore PVC 10-40 Kg Home Gym Set 4,090
Boldfit Tummy Trimmer for Men & Women 990
Rexez Push Up Bars Stand 999
ALN Tummy Twister Abdominal ABS Exerciser Body Toner-Fat Buster 1,299
PRO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workouts 499

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