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Pre-workout supplements give you that extra dash of energy, see here

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Feb 25, 2022 13:12 IST
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A pre-workout supplement is meant to give you that extra dash of energy to sustain you through a strenuous exercise routine. Check out some products on Amazon.

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Pre-workout supplements are great for giving one energy boost before exercise.

To many of us might not have heard of pre-workout supplements. Simply put, these are supplements that one has before hitting the gym for strenuous exercise. They give the body that extra boost of energy needed to do the many gym routines.

Many of us that often heard that one must not eat immediately before or after a workout session and that one must have a space of one to two hours between workouts and consumption of food. However, the fact remains that we must have something to sustain us during the exercise routine. 

Pre-workout foods can be anything that helps us stay active. In an interview to Hindustan Times, nutritionist and fitness expert Manisha Chopra says, “What you eat before and after workout affects your performance, recovery and progress. These meals basically refill the energy in your body, encourage muscle growth and repair and prevent muscle mass breakdown. Food rich in nutrients is the key to lose weight as well as gain muscles. Your workout alone won’t be able to give you good results.” So basically, meals we consume pre-workout and post-workout hold equal importance as the workout itself. It affects our performance, recovery and progress.

Now, ideally one must get all our nutrients from the food we consume. Sometimes, however, one needs supplements to do the needful. In case, you want to give them a try, Amazon has an interesting collection. We have shortlisted some of them, which could be of help to you. 

This supplement focusses on giving that extra dash of energy and in burning fat. This pre-workout powder comes with 3000 mg of L-Citrulline and 1500 mg of L-Arginine that pump more blood through vessels. It also contains something called BioPerine which enhances metabolism and helps achieve weight management goals faster. 

This powder also comes loaded with 300 mg caffeine to help you stay vigilant. It also contains 1050 mg of vitamin B1 (helps prevent fatigue and muscle loss), vitamin B6 (triggers the production of testosterone that helps in muscle synthesis) and vitamin B3 (that assists in anabolic muscle growth and a increase in muscle mass). It is available in two flavours - Fruit Punch and Melon Twist - to make a tasty health drink.

Fast&Up Activate - Caffeine Free Pre-Sports/Pre-Workout Supplement


This supplement is available in a tablet form with each pack containing 30 of them in orange flavour. This supplement, however, is caffeine free pre-workout one which contains 1500mg of L-Arginine (which helps enhance nitric oxide {NO} content in the body) and 250mg of L-Carnitine (which helps to burn fat). This tablet also helps in increasing stamina and boosting performance during training.

This supplement, which comes in a powder form, contains L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and Creatine, all natural substances found in our bodies and food. It also contains 4000mg of Beta Alanine that builds endurance. Creatine increases power and improves performance. This is an ideal pre-workout drink as it pumps up muscle with 3500mg of L-Citrulline.1000mg of L-Arginine in it increases blood flow while Taurine acts as a muscle fuel. 300mg of caffeine content helps you stay alert.

This pre-workout supplement comes in the form of a powder and is ideally built for weight loss support and muscle growth. This powder also helps in increasing strength, endurance and stamina. It comes packed with Beta Alanine, Theanine and 13 performance boosters.  It increases metabolic burn, pumps up muscles and provides muscle gain.

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