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Protein powder for kids give essential nutrients children need

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Oct 27, 2022 18:26 IST
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Protein powder for kids come packed with all kinds of nutrients beneficial for their growth. What's more is that most of them are chocolate flavoured, a favourite of children.

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Chocolate flavoured protein powders offer a spectrum of nutrients to children.

Proteins are the building blocks of the human body. While everybody needs them in ample measure, young children and the aged need them more. It is known to play an essential role in many bodily functions, including recovery and repair of tissues in the muscles, skin, organs, blood, hair and nails.

As proteins are the building blocks of the body, children who don't get enough can experience a number of health issues such as fatigue, poor concentration, slowed growth, bone and joint pain, delay in healing of wounds and low immune response.

Ideally the food we consume should cater to such needs. However, very often that is not the case and there is a need to supplement food with capsules, tablets and powders that are loaded with proteins. Thankfully, there are enough products available in the markets that can help bridge this gap. We have put together a list that you will find useful. Take a look.

Pro360 Kids

This is a triple protein powder - it consists of milk protein, whey protein and isolated soy protein - blended into a nourishing and delicious formula. This is a chocolate flavoured powder and is a vegetarian product. It is ideal for children aged in the age group of five to 12 years. It comes enriched with DHA, Bovine Colostrum, prebiotics and probiotics.

Mypro Sport Nutrition Protein Drink Powder

This drink is ideal for children from the age two till 10 years. It comes with 53 vital nutrients including carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and herbal nutrients. It is free of any harmful ingredients - it is non GMO powder, and contains no fillers, preservatives, dyes, gluten and nuts. It is easy to digest and its chocolate flavour is particularly useful in case of fussy kids.

Gritzo SuperMilk

This powder contain whey protein that has been scientifically proven to get 100% absorbed in the body. This supplement gives 34% of daily protein and up to 100% of vitamins and minerals to enhance their growth and development. This powder helps boosts immunity (zinc and vitamin C) and is an energy enhancer. It boosts growth, supports brain development, reduces fatigue and increases stamina.

Groviva Wholesome Child Nutrition for Growth & Development

This is a wholesome child nutrition supplement that supports growth and development of children. It contains 38 nutrients which support daily nutrition. It is available in a number of flavour - chocolate, vanilla, mango and strawberry. It is vegetarian product and one that your kids will love.

Pediasure 7+ Specialized Nutrition Drink Powder

This delicious and tasty powder comes in chocolate flavour. The makers call it a complete and balanced nutritional supplement. This is a powder is ideally meant for growing children in seven years and above. It also support bone growth and muscle strength. It comes with a host of essential nutrients like iron, iodine, protein, calcium and vitamin D that supports overall growth.

Price of protein powders for kids at a glance:

Pro360 Kids 395.00
Mypro Sport Nutrition Protein Drink Powder 699.00
Gritzo SuperMilk 699.00
Groviva Wholesome Child Nutrition for Growth & Development 680.00
Pediasure 7+ Specialized Nutrition Drink Powder 395.00

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