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Resistance bands are cost effective, help boost mobility

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Oct 27, 2022 19:47 IST
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Resistance bands come with varying resistance strengths and can be used effectively in yoga, pilates, strength training or other forms of exercise. Check out some picks in the category.

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Resistance bands can boost mobility in a big way.

A good stretching session can always do wonders to our body. However, some of us struggle to do it alone all by ourselves and need someone to help us stretch better. Since that is not always possible, one can get resistance bands for oneself to push oneself more. An effective way to achieve better and effective results, these bands can really help in a big way. In the market, there are many types of resistance bands available that come with varying levels of resistance. One can find bands with low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity. While doing yoga, mobility and other forms of exercise, these bands can be used. They don't cost much and help boost one's performance as well.

We have shortlisted some such bands for you in a list below. They are made of good quality material and can be used by both men and women. Scroll through the list below to take a closer look at options.

1. Boldfit Resistance Bands
This set of resistance brands has bands of eight different sizes. Made of 100% natural latex, it is durable, skin-friendly and odourless. You will find bands in this set that are of low level, medium level and high level resistance. These bands can help one greatly in performing many different exercises. Each to carry, this set is cost effective as well.

2. Boldfit Fabric Resistance Band
This premium quality resistance band is made from 100% Malaysian latex. Durable, odourless and skin-friendly, these bands allow one to stretch better and improve mobility. Ideal for use by both men and women, these bands offer better support to enhance one's back strength and vertebral stability. It comes in many different colours too. An absolute must buy, the bands will definitely prove useful in the long run and one will swear by them too.

3. Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band
This resistance band is made from 100% latex and comes with five varying resistance strength levels. One can do multiple exercises using these and they are also easy to use by both beginners and professionals alike. A cost-effective option, men and women can benefit from the band greatly. It comes in different colours. One can exercise every body part with the help of these bands.

4. Slovic Rubber Resistance Bands

Want a toned body and boost performance in workout sessions? Get home this resistance band made from fabric that is lightweight and super easy to use. The best part is this band is anti-slip, so one need not worry about it coming down. From yoga, pilates to strength training, these bands can make your workout sessions fun and enjoyable. It comes in an attractive green colour. Besides, it is ideal for use by both men and women.

5. Burnlab Resistance Bands

This pack of five resistance bands with different resistance strengths - from light??? or low to high - can be your perfect workout partner. The bands can be used in an array of workouts. Made of 100% latex material, the bands are multifunctional and help in increasing mobility. What goes without saying is that the bands are easy to use and very convenient. They come in different colours; check them out.

Price of resistance bands at a glance:

 Boldfit Resistance Bands  999.00
 Boldfit Fabric Resistance Band  599.00
 Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band  999.00
 Slovic Rubber Resistance Bands  1,999.00
 Burnlab Resistance Bands  3,500.00

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