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Sweetening tablets are a great sugar alternative for diabetics, health conscious

  • HT By Nivedita Mishra
  • Published on Feb 28, 2022 22:40 IST
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The health conscious and diabetics of the world can rejoice as sugar-free sweetening agents have ensured that their lives does not have to be without any sweetness in diet.        

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Sugar-free sweeteners are ideal for diabetic and health conscious.

Technology has made modern life simple and convenient for all. Struggle for existence has never been this simple. However, a part of modern way of living are a host of lifestyle diseases and one such a disease is diabetes.

While the best way to deal with lifestyle diseases is to follow your physician's word and alter one's lifestyle. One fact that is now universally known is that diabetic person must reduce his or her sugar intake or, in many cases, put a stop to it all together. However, not having sugar in food can be really tough for some. A way out it to take to sugar-free tablets.

What many may not know is that diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation and hence should never be taken lightly. Hence, between choosing health and wellbeing and dealing with sugar cravings, such tablets can come rather handy.

A place to look up for such sugar-free tablets is online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Check out some options we have shortlisted here for you.


These tablets come as a boon for health enthusiasts and diabetic patients. This vegetarian product is ideal to be added to beverages. It has negligible calories and is also good for weight-watchers. One tablet is equivalent to one teaspoonful of sugar. 

So Sweet Stevia 100% Natural Sugar free Sweetener for Diabetes - 300 Tablets


These tablets are a great sugar substitute and a natural sweetener. These have shown potential health benefit for people with diabetes and the weight conscious. They do not contain sucralose, aspartame, lactose, dextrose and other artificial sweeteners. This sweetener adds sweet taste with zero calories because of the glycosides in Stevia plant, from which it is extracted.

These tablets are low on calories and yet act well as sweetener. This product is also naturally gluten-free. Aspartame powder, which is the sweetening agent used to make these tablets, is free of gluten. This is an ideal sugar substitute as one tablet of this sweetener gives sweetness equivalent to two teaspoonful of sugar. It is suitable for diabetic patients.

This is a sugar alternative that tastes exactly like a sweetener. Like all sweeteners, this too is low on calories. It is ideal for diabetic patients. Each pack contains 500 tablets.

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