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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022
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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022
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Try these cleansing balms for removing stubborn layers of waterproof makeup

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Feb 08, 2022 12:09 IST
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Incorporate cleansing balms in our PM skincare routine to get squeaky clean and fresh skin. They not only act as excellent cleansing agents, but also help strengthen skin barrier. 

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Cleansing balms work wonders in removing even the most stubborn layer of makeup. 

If you're struggling to find a makeup removing product to add to your PM skincare routine, then we have a good news for you. Cleansing balm is one product that will grime off all traces of dust, impurities and makeup from your skin in a jiffy. Even the waterproof makeup products come off easily with the help of these balms. They are non-greasy and lightweight formulations which should be applied on you skin in circular motions for best results. In addition to giving you fresh and squeaky clean skin, these balms also help moisturize your skin and promote a healthy skin barrier. Some of them also improve skin elasticity and skin tone. Formulated with natural ingredients like Castor Oil and plant-based fatty acids, these balms have a soothing effect on your skin.

To help you with the selection, we have rounded up a few picks from Amazon. The best part is all of them are free from harmful toxins like paraben, sulfate, mineral oil etc. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a look at the cleansing balms listed below.

1. Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm .5 Oz Makeup Remover

This cleansing balm from Clinique is the perfect pick to remove stubborn makeup without stripping off the natural oils. A lightweight formulation, this balm transforms into a silky and fluid oil upon application and easily removes all the grime and dust traces from your skin without drying it. It's non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. Besides, it is also devoid of artificial fragrance. 

2. Lavenza Vitamin C Cleansing Balm

Removing makeup will be super easy and hassle-free with this cleansing balm which is available in three different colours and variants. A soap-free formulation, this balm emulsifies with water into a luxurious creamy texture and gently removes dirt, excess oil and traces of dirt from skin without interfering with your skin's natural barrier and its pH level. It removes even the most stubborn layers of makeup with ease and leaves you with perfectly clean, breathable and hydrated skin. Besides deep cleansing your skin, it is also effective in getting rid of dead skin and improving skin tone and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, it is free from harmful toxins like parabens, synthetic preservatives, sulfates, mineral oil, silicones and synthetic fragrances.

3. Earth Rhythm Cleansing Balm

Enriched with the goodness of Castor oil and plant-based fatty acids, this cleansing balm works wonders in removing the stubborn layer of waterproof makeup easily. Besides giving you a squeaky clean skin, it promotes a healthy skin barrier and leaves it feeling hydrated and supple. Perfect for all skin types, this formulation is cruelty-free and devoid of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate, mineral oil etc. Also, you must check out the amazing variants it is available in.  

4. Plum E-Luminence Simply Supple Cleansing Balm

This sulfate-free cleanser melts away all traces of dirt and grime from skin with ease and leave you with fresh and supple skin. Made from the luxurious blend of vitamin E and eight plant-derived oil and waxes, this formulation will result in glowing and hydrated skin after every application. Even the most stubborn layers of waterproof makeup can be easily removed with this balm. 

5. Earth Rhythm Healing Cleansing Balm

Suitable for all skin types, this formulation helps in cleansing, moisturizing and soothing your skin. It should be massaged in circular motions to grime off every trace of dirt, makeup and other impurities from the skin without leaving it dry. It promotes healthy skin barrier and keeps your skin supple and hydrated. A sure shot way of getting smooth and soft skin, this balm doesn't contain parabens, SLS, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, petroleum, polyethylene glycol (PEGs) and other unsafe preservatives. 

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