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10 essential fish tank accessories every aquarium owner should own

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  • Published on Nov 30, 2022 17:05 IST
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While buying aquarium accessories, it is crucial to discern those with generic applications. Our checklist helps you select the absolute must-haves for your aquarium.

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Fish aquarium accessories help keep water clean among many other benefits as well

The fish species and the size of your fish tank or aquarium help decide the accessories you should invest in. You will find numerous aquarium supplies and gadgets online; however, most may not suit your purpose. Hence, we have curated a list of ten indispensable accessories that apply to all types of fish tanks and aquariums.

To maintain an aquarium, you need to ensure the water is clean and at the correct temperature, the pH balance is maintained, and a filtration mechanism is in place. Additionally, make sure the dissolved oxygen concentration is adequate. The following list of must-have accessories considers all the above factors.

How to find the perfect fish aquarium accessories?

Understanding the needs of your fish will make choosing your aquarium accessories a piece of cake. Generally, all freshwater aquariums require basic things like a good stand, lighting equipment, air pump, heater, thermometer, water conditioner, filter, hood, and gravel. You can always add decorative items to make it look more attractive. From the range of options in this segment online, choose those that are cost-effective, easy to install, add to the aesthetic value, and are safe or non-toxic for aquatic life. Whatever accessories you buy, ultimately, you must ensure that the overall aquarium environment is conducive for your floating buddies to thrive.

1. Buraq Multicolour Aquarium LED Light

Available in three lighting modes (blue, white, and blue-white), the Buraq aquarium light sets off a tranquil and relaxed ambience. The mobile suction cups allow you to mount the light anywhere in or outside the aquarium. The light is submersible and waterproof, but keep the switch and power adapter outside the water.

Product USP:

It is energy-efficient as it consumes just 3W of power.

It has a high colour-rendering index.

Its three-mode switch allows you to change the overall appearance of your fish tank.

Its ergonomic design makes it suitable and safe to use in all types of aquariums.

2. Despacito 6pcs Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter

Description: This bestselling aquarium sponge filter provides mechanical and biochemical filtration to free the water from floating debris. The soft sponge material made of cotton is safe and non-toxic. The filter effectively traps excess fish food and waste, preventing water clouding. The multilayered sponge helps in heavy absorption.

Product USP:

It is easy to install and clean.

It is suitable for all types of aquariums.

It helps in improving the water quality, increasing a longer lifespan for your fish.

It is reusable and can be cut to appropriate sizes to fit inside your fish tank.

3. Petzlifeworld Long Handle Aquarium Fish Tank Fishing Net

Made using soft and lightweight nylon material, this 6-inches long aquarium fish net scoops up debris and uneaten food on the surface. It can also help shift medium-sized fish elsewhere when cleaning the aquarium. The long, plastic handle offers a comfortable and smooth grip.

Product USP:

The nylon material of the fishing net is highly durable.

The long plastic handle provides easy access to clean all the nooks and corners of your fish tank.

The material of the net comfortably blends in the water, helping you catch the fast-moving smaller fish without any hassles.

4. TRUPOT A One Steel Aquarium Stand

This is an excellent product to provide elevated support to your aquarium. The dimensions (LxHxW: 70 x 60 x 30 cm) make it suitable for all aquarium sizes. The stand is manufactured using mild steel (MS) iron pipes making it sturdy and corrosion-resistant. A rack is provided below to store other commonly used aquarium supplies.

Product USP:

It is easy to assemble and highly durable.

It provides an aesthetic appeal and lets you view your aquarium buddies at eye level.

The space provided underneath allows easy cleaning.

5. RS Electrical Semi-Automatic Aquarium Heater

This submersible aquarium heater is lined with double-layered glass, maintaining a steady temperature irrespective of the weather outside. It comes with a 100W built-in thermostat and a clear display window. You can set the temperature between 18 to 32 degrees for a conducive environment for your fish. Weighing just 165 gms, it is a perfect fit for your aquarium.

Product USP:

It has an auto on/off facility and a standby light indicator.

It is durable and easy to maintain.

It is suitable for all aquarium types.

The temperature dial is easy to rotate and adjust.

6. Qpets® 3-Way Automatic Fish Feeder

With a 0.8-litre capacity, this fish feeder is suitable for dispensing all types of fish food (granular, flakes or sticks). You can fix a time for feeding and use both the automatic (three settings) and manual options. You can place it vertically or on plane surfaces. It has a slider to adjust the amount of feed. It is the most convenient option to feed your fish as per their schedule, even when you go out.

Product USP:

It has a 360 degrees rotation feature that lets you turn the feeder to any position you want.

It requires only two AA batteries and is great for energy savings.

The design of the product prevents food from getting clogged inside.

It has a low-decibel sound that causes no disturbance to your aquarium buddies.

7. Despacito Air Pump for Aquarium

This product is a must-have for supplying aeration and ensuring optimal gas exchange inside your aquarium. The air pump is made of non-toxic and highly durable plastic and silicone-based materials that do not harm aquatic life. The high-density ABS plastic ensures effective sound insulation, making this air pump noiseless. It continuously releases tiny oxygen bubbles to help your fish breathe without difficulty. With 12 X 7 X 6 cm dimensions, it fits snugly inside your aquarium without disturbing other arrangements.

Product USP:

It has a dual-air outlet ensuring a constant supply of clean air.

It consumes less power.

Its durability makes it worth the money spent.

The air compression system keeps doing its work without generating noise.

It is suitable for all aquarium types and both freshwater and saltwater environments.

8. KENBIR™ Aquarium Gravel Sand
Make your aquarium buddies feel at home. Use this product to recreate the natural aquatic habitat surroundings. Made of original coarse sand, it allows water to flow through it, preventing germ accumulation. It is available in a harmonious combination of differently-sized particles to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Product USP:

It is non-toxic and does not affect the pH.

It settles at the bottom and does not obstruct the fish's swimming path.

It absorbs impurities and keeps the water clean.

The gravel colour does not fade.

9. Olymstore Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Water Pump

Cleaning your aquarium has never been this easy. The Olymstore vacuum water pump comes with a high-quality plastic hose, a sturdy nozzle, and a pneumatic hand pump. This product works through the suction principle and removes debris and waste from the water. You can move the nozzle to the base of the aquarium to ensure the removal of impurities from the gravel. It effectively empties the water from your aquarium and cleans it simultaneously.

Product USP:

It saves a lot of your time and energy while cleaning the aquarium.
It helps improve the water quality and is easy to use.
Its porous filter absorbs all unwanted debris.

10. Wild Fish Friendly Aquarium Clear Water Conditioner

A perfect solution for water-clouding issues in the aquarium, this water conditioner liquid is made of non-toxic materials for the safety of your fish. It is available in a 120 ml easy-to-use container and neutralises toxins, heavy metals, chlorine, and algae from the water, protecting the fish from potential harm. Follow the instruction label carefully and understand the dilution process before using it.

Product USPs:
It solves water turbidity issues.

It detoxifies a wide range of harmful compounds.

It does not have a strong odour.

It is fast-acting and removes cloudiness in the first application.

Price of fish tank accessories at a glance:

Buraq Multicolour Aquarium LED LightRs. 700
Despacito 6pcs Aquarium Biochemical Sponge FilterRs. 3000
Petzlifeworld Long Handle Aquarium Fish Tank Fishing NetRs. 399
TRUPOT A One Steel Aquarium StandRs. 3400
RS Electrical Semi-Automatic Aquarium HeaterRs. 400
Qpets® 3-Way Automatic Fish FeederRs. 1988
Despacito Air Pump for AquariumRs. 1500
KENBIR™ Aquarium Gravel SandRs. 1800
Olymstore Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Water PumpRs. 260
Wild Fish Friendly Aquarium Clear Water ConditionerRs. 200

Best value for money

The KENBIR™ Aquarium Gravel Sand originally cost Rs. 1800 for 900 grams. However, Amazon offers this product at a 90% discount, making it available for just Rs. 175. Investing in this product right now is a wise idea because the quantity offered for this price is good enough to fill up the base of any standard-size aquarium. This accessory lasts long when maintained well, giving you cost-effective benefits.

Best overall product

The Despacito Air Pump for Aquarium is an indispensable fish tank accessory as it is rich in features and guarantees high customer satisfaction. No wonder it is an 'Amazon's Choice' product. The air pump is essential in maintaining dissolved oxygen levels in the water, as your fish's survival depends on it. Its broad range of features, such as noiseless functioning, durability, and energy efficiency, make it an absolute must-have in this category.

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