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Thursday, Mar 30, 2023
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10 best cat dresses under 1,500: A buyer's guide

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  • Published on Feb 02, 2023 17:09 IST
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Are you looking for clothes to dress your little fur mate? Then look no further! This article provides affordable little outfits within your budget which won't leave a hole in your pocket!

product info
Cat dresses are a cute way of making your pet look really pretty and adorable.

Nowadays, just like humans, even pets like cats and dogs have their fashion line in clothes. Cats can have fun accessories like clothing and costumes, which are fantastic for getting your adorable cat even cuter. Cat dresses need not only be worn for aesthetic reasons but can also have practical advantages! You can dress them in a basic shirt, sweater, or hoodie, which helps them provide an additional layer of insulation against the cold. Another advantage is the unique bonding you could have with your cat when you dress it up. Do you want to know what your cat thinks about the clothing? Start with a soft, breathable fabric like cotton to see if you can get your cat used to wearing the dress. Some cats might love the cosiness of a jumper, while others might take pleasure in the admiration they get whenever they dress cutely. Of course, it all depends on the cat dress you choose.

With this, we have listed some of the best cat dresses you can choose from and give the best to your pet. The dresses we have listed are reasonable and add grace to the cloth aesthetics.

1.KUTKUT Cute Floral Pattern apparel dress for small cats

The floral pattern apparel dress for kittens with a lovely bow is a summer-themed outfit. The fabric used to manufacture the pet dress is soft and contains polyester, making it light and comfy for your little furr-iend. The material also keeps the dress durable for extended wear, with a bow knot on the back with floral motifs. Your cats will look adorable and charming in this outfit. It is a button-closure type of dress which makes the fit more appealing. The outfit is designed for small-breed cats.

SpecificationsBrand: KUTKUT

  • Size: XL (Bust: 48cm, Length: 38cm)
  • Neck size:35 centimetres
  • Chest size:48 centimetres
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colour: Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow
 It has a button closure clasp that becomes easy to put on & take off   It cannot be used as daily wear.
Various colours with patterns are available 
It is comfortable 

2 .FETCHER Yellow Black Premium Kitten and Cat T-Shirt

This striped pet T-shirt is composed of cotton-fleece material, soft to the touch and insulating. These t-shirts are perfect for all seasons because they are made of incredibly soft cotton fabric. These are ideal for layering over fleece garments in the winter to prevent skin irritation and dandruff brought on by warm fabrics. It prevents summertime AC cold. It has armholes with a unique pattern that prevents matting and makes a great deal for cat dress under 1000


  • Brand: FETCHER
  • Size: S (Back Length: 14cm)
  • Neck Size: 14 Centimeters (stretchable)
  • Chest size: 20 Centimeters
  • Material: Cotton, Fleece
  • Colour: Yellow & Black
It has a round neckIt is not water resistant
The fabric is very soft & comfortable 
 It is apt for all climates 

3 .KUTKUT CatsSterilisation suit

The high-quality polycotton fabric makes this cat dress smooth, breathable, and lightweight. This cat recovery suit will offer your cat complete care and help lessen stress, abdominal injuries, and irritation. It will also prevent your cat from licking or scratching at wounds. In addition, after sterilisation or during treatment, it will fasten the healing process. With an elastic collar and a magic tape pattern on the back, this cat surgery recovery suit is simple to put on and take off. This comfortable cat dress has a back opening, making it convenient and simple for your cat to poop. In addition, this suit can also prevent the cat's hair from getting dirt or dust.


  • Brand: KUTKUT
  • Size: XL (Chest: 40, Length: 35cm)
  • Neck Size:30 Centimeters (adjustable)
  • Chest size:40 Centimeters
  • Material: Polycotton
  • Colour: Orange, Green and Pink
The fabric is very lightweight.Some alterations are required so the cats can pee & poop without getting the cloth dirty.
It is very flexible & adjustable. 

4 . Lulala Pets premium winter wear dress for small, medium and large cats

The pet sweater's use of Velcro at the neckline and belly ensures that it will fit your furry friend comfortably and snugly. Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton) makes the inside and outer layers soft and warm. The pet's winter coat contains hooks and loops that make it simple to put on and remove. It will ensure that your adorable pet wears it so that it doesn't appear overly fat or loose and feels no restraint.


  • Brand: Lulala
  • Size: S (Length: 36 cm)
  • Neck Size:32 Centimeters
  • Chest Size:46 – 56 Centimeters
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton (waterproof)
  • Colour: Pista Coat with Hoodies
This fabric has reflective strips for low-light visibilityThe thick fleece may also cause overheating for some cats
It has thick fleece for warmth 
It is water-resistant. 

5 . KUTKUT Cute Apparel dress with a bow for small cats

This designer cat dress is made of a soft, breathable polycotton material. It is the best pet clothing for the summer, fall, and spring. It is a fantastic solution for cats, particularly furry ones with allergy problems, as it stops them from itching. This dress for kittens is specially designed for small-breed cats.


  • Brand: KUTKUT
  • Size: L (Length: 35cm)
  • Neck size:29 Centimeters
  • Chest size:42 Centimeters
  • Material: Fur, Polycotton
  • Colour: Blue
It has thick fleece to provide warmth.The bow on the cat dress is quite large.
It is convenient for toilet rest. 

6 . FETCHER Graphic printed T-shirt for cats

This dress for cats is made of soft, breathable fleece and cotton. The material is super comfortable, and they can sleep, walk or play wearing them. The cat dress has a round neck style and a stretchable pull-on closure. It has a graphic pattern on them and is suitable for all life stages. These T-shirts for cats can be washed by machine or hand. You get this dress specially designed for all-breed of cats.


  • Brand:FETCHER
  • Size:XS (Length: 12 cm)
  • Neck Size:13 Centimeters
  • Chest Size:18 Centimeters
  • Material:Fleece and Cotton
  • Colour: Orange and Green
The fabric is breathable.The cat dress is available in only 2 colours.
It is very soft and comfortable. 
This dress is available in all sizes. 

7 . FETCHER T-shirt for cats

This cat dressis made of light fleece and soft cotton. This affordable cat dresscan be used as daily wear. It is a pullover that can be easily put on and taken off, even in a hurry. This fabric makes your cat feel comfortable and relaxed while sleeping. In addition, thiscat dress is very lightweight and does not hinder your cat while being playful.


  • Brand: FETCHER
  • Size: XS (Length: 30 Centimeters)
  • Neck Size:33 Centimeters
  • Chest Size:46 Centimeters
  • Material: Fleece and Cotton
  • Colour: Ink Blue and Bright Red
The cat dress has cute designs on it.The cat dress is available in only 2 colours.
This fabric is soft & breathable. 
It comes in all sizes 

8 .KUTKUT Cat Surgery Recovery Suit

Thiscat dress is ultra-soft with super elasticity! The fabric is lightweight, smooth & comfortable to wear. This dress for cats is made up of polycotton, which suits the fur and body of cats. This fabric provides a soothing effect on your cat's body as it helps the cat recover from its wounds. It also helps your cat shorten its recovery by preventing it from licking or irritating the wounds.

  • Brand:KUTKUT
  • Size:XL (Length: 35cm)
  • Neck Size:34 Centimeters (adjustable)
  • Chest size:40 Centimeters
  • Material: Polycotton
  • Colour: Rainbow
The fabric is breathable and thin.A rear-end opening would be better for the cats to pee & poop properly.
It has an adjustable hook & loop. 
This cat dress fully covers the cat’s body. 

9 .Fetcher Pet T-Shirt Sleeveless Muscle Tee Sando Vest

This sleeveless pet T-shirt vest is distinctly striped, giving your pets a fashionable and sporty look. This dress for cats makes it simple for you to track your pet's location while also making it simple for your pets to garner lots of affection and attention. These are constructed of high-quality cotton fabric, making them soft and comfy.


  • Brand:FETCHER
  • Size:S(Length: 14 cm)
  • Neck size:14 Centimeters
  • Chest size:20 Centimeters
  • Material:Cotton
  • Colour:Yellow
 This dress for cats is available in all sizes.This cat dress is available only in 2 colours.
It is a very comfortable pullover. 

10 .KUTKUT Stripe Dress Princess Frock Skirt

This warm dress for cats comprises cotton fabric, soft to the touch and insulating. It is also lightweight, moisture-wicking, resistant to fading, and long-lasting. This is one of the cheaper cat dresses under 1500 and keeps your furry ones looking fashionably adorable. It is machine washable and does not sag even after washing. It is perfect for daily wear, sleeping, outdoor walks, or travelling with your pet. It will make your pet happier!


  • Brand:KUTKUT
  • Size:L (Length:35cm)
  • Chest Size:45 Centimeters
  • Material:Flannel, Fleece
  • Colour:Red
This cat dress makes your cat look cute.The bow can be quite big in other colours offered.
It comes in all sizes and can fit even the smallest cat. 
It has a button design which makes it easy to put on and take off. 

Comparison Table

KUTKUT Cute Floral Pattern apparel dressThis dress is very airyEasy to put on and removeIt comes in a variety of colours.
FETCHER Yellow Black Premium Kitten and Cat T-ShirtThis is a T-shirt which is for daily use.It is suitable to wear in all climatesIt has good stretchability
KUTKUT Cats Sterilisation suitThis suit is soft and prevents further irritationsIt is machine washableIt is comfortable to wear
Lulala Pets premium winter wear dresThis is a winter wear which makes it warm &cosyIt is hand washable onlyIt is water-resistant
KUTKUT Cute Apparel dress with a bowThe dress is very eye-catchingIt feels free even after wearing a dress.It provides warmth
FETCHER Graphic printed T-shirtThis is a very comfortable wearIt has good stretchabilityEasy to put on and remove
FETCHER T-shirt for cats It is very stretchable.It is suitable for daily wear.The fabric is very lightweight.
KUTKUT Cat Surgery Recovery SuitThis suit is soft and comfortable.It can be easily put on and removed without direct contact with woundsThe fabric is airy.
Fetcher Pet T-Shirt Sleeveless Muscle Tee Sando VestThis vest is sleeveless and easy to put on & removeEasily detectable colourIt has good flexibility
KUTKUT Stripe Dress Princess Frock SkirtThis dress is very soft and cuteIt is a perfect summer wearIt does not sag even after washing

Best value for money

KUTKUT Cat Recovery Suit – It is not only comfortable &cosy to wear but also hasan opening at the back for the pets to poop. It does not need to be adjusted now and then, as the tape fixes the suit well. Additionally, it does not restrict the movement of your pet.

How to find the best cat dress?

To find the best cat dress, one has to consider the following;

  • Comfortability,
  • Stretchability,
  • Size,
  • Colour,
  • Material/Fabric, and

The dress should not have any decorative items and be simple.

Once you’ve ensured the above, you can guarantee a comfort to your cat. Dressing them in a material which is uncomfortable for them can only cause them to reject it and attempt to take it off. Having a dress which has too many decorative items can cause irritability. Additionally, it is best to check if your cat would like to wear dresses first as they arecreatures who groom themselves often. In cases of wounds or temperature, you can make them wear clothes that is best suited for them according to their needs.

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