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Social media buzzes about Surface tablet

Microsoft’s brand new Surface PC has been the talk of the day on social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

social media Updated: Jun 19, 2012 17:31 IST
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Microsoft’s brand new Surface PC has been the talk of the day on social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

By 5:15 AM GMT on June 19 “Surface” and “#Surface” had become the most talked about topics on Twitter and Google+ respectively.

The buzz has been generally positive on Twitter with consumers stating they are keen to try out both the Windows 8 and the Windows RT versions of the tablet when it arrives.

“The Surface looks at first glance to be the first desirable thing MS has made in quite a while,” said David Storey. “I'm rooting for MSFT's Surface. BC I'm tired of antiseptic one winner Apple driven iPad BSn” tweeted John Battelle.

“Microsoft NAILS IT! Way to go Microsoft! Surface looks AWESOME! Can't wait to get some Unreal Engine games on those babies!” added Mark Rein.

“@Windows @Microsoft Can you go ahead and just take my money for that thing?” said an enthusiastic Ryan Eilders.

Many Google+ users were excited by the concept of a more productive, ultrabook-like tablet.

Dallin Crump said, “I've been waiting for a tablet that was designed to double as a PC. The iPad and its copycats were clearly not designed to function that way. Now, whether the Microsoft Surface tablet can, in reality, be used as a PC remains to be seen. But it sure does look promising.” Steven Cancel added, “A new tablet contender and it looks epic. As much as I like android tablets, this will be a full feature PC with an attachable keyboard. The hardware also looks excellent.”

Not all Google+ users were so enthralled with the 10.6 tablet. Andrew Perkins posted, “Oh Microsoft, it seems a little late to jump into the tablet wars,” and Edouard Poor commented, “The new Microsoft #surface tablet. It's a tablet with a keyboard! It's a laptop you can't put on your lap! It's ... got a stylus! And no 4G!”

The 3mm thick touch sensitive keyboard cover was the highlight of Microsoft’s press event for many consumers -- and the accessory that sets the Surface apart from other tablets and convertible ultrabooks on the market.

“So basically the Surface has a 'Smart Cover' that is also a keyboard. That's pretty genius, even if it clutters the design,” tweeted Daniel Jalkut.

“The best part of #Microsoft #Surface may be the #TouchCover,” said Harshdeep S Jawanda. Jake McCuistion concurred and said, “I want to get one just to try out that Touch Cover keyboard.”

While there were many positive posts on both Twitter and Google+, microbloggers lamented the lack of information Microsoft provided about the tablets.

Jan Dawson tweeted, “Surface feels like a CES device announcement - no price, no date, not enough information to make a reasonable judgment about how it'll do.” Rene Ritchie said “At $500 with 10hrs battery life, Surface could be killer. A $800 with a 4hr battery life, Surface will get killed. Lack of info concerning.”

More information about Surface can be found on the official page,

First Published: Jun 19, 2012 17:28 IST