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Mirinda’s powerful new social campaign #releasethepressure received an unprecedented response among students and parents alike, with several celebrity teens stepping up to sign the pledge against exam-related stress.
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Updated on Mar 20, 2017 01:27 PM IST
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Anyone who claims that their school years were an idyllic and stress-free time has likely forgotten the terror called board exams. In India, the situation is particularly critical given how heavily our academic system relies on marks to assess not just a student’s performance but also their future prospects. Sadly, Indian parents are known to be rather unforgiving when it comes to low scores, which often doubles the pressure on their kids.

A recent social campaign by Miranda called #releasethepressure addresses this unfortunate situation, by urging students to express their worries and fears to their parents. In a powerful short film, several teenagers voice out their deepest concerns through open letters, which their parents are eventually invited to read. With over 12,342,140 views already, the campaign has sparked off genuine conversations among students, parents and educators. Several teen celebs and well-known faces from the entertainment industry have stepped up with personal experiences on facing exam-related stress.

Young stars urge parents to #releasethepressure

Actor Darsheel Safary of Taare Zameen Par fame shared a video on his Facebook page, relating how the campaign ‘sparked off a thousand memories’ in his head. Darsheel recounts how getting average scores on exams would lead him to sit and introspect on how to perform better on the next round, rather than giving into despair. “I’m not here to sling extreme rhetoric as I know there is a problem on both sides of the aisle,” writes the actor on his Facebook page.

Darsheel’s message was echoed by popular TV and advertisement actor, Bhavesh Balchandani, who remembers the huge amount of pressure he faced before his own board exams—with the combined weight of scoring well, getting into a good college, and living up to his parents’ expectations. His video message reassures candidates that trying one’s level best is the most important thing a student can do before their exams. Bhavesh also recounts how opening up about his insecurities to his mother helped ease the stress considerably, and he urges others to do the same.

Television star and acclaimed performer Avneet Kaur, in her message, explained how ‘board exams are omnipresent’ and that no one can escape the pressures involved. “If you panic, you lose it all,” she asserts on her social media page. In true style, Avneet even concludes her message with a fun song that all board-exam candidates this year are going to identify with strongly.

Television and internet star Jannat Zubair Rahmani, popular known as Phulwa from the eponymous TV show, shares an open letter to her parents pointing out the futile stress and anxiety most kids go through during exams. In turn, she also urges students to understand and communicate with their parents better – ‘basically, it’s their love that gets them worried’ – Jannat explains.

As per the National Crime Records Bureau, pressure to perform during exams is one of the leading causes behind depression and suicidal tendencies among students in India. In its next phase, Mirinda invites people to pledge to Release the Pressure and drive a change in mindset among Indian parents and students alike.

How you can take the pledge

Pledge your support for the movement by visiting www.releasethepressure.in. Alternatively, you can also send a missed call to the toll-free number (0-88662-88662).

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