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We humans are such that wherever we go, we end up making friends. We have school friends, college buddies, office colleagues, colony friends. In Mumbai, connected by its lifeline of locals, we also have 'train friends'.

In the women's compartment, I often see travellers pouring their hearts out to each other. They hear each other out and share an understanding of common experiences. At times, they even share their secrets with strangers. They know that their secrets will be safe with these unfamiliar faces because often one never sees them again. But then there are also strangers, who, over the years end up becoming close friends and almost become a second family. They trade troubles, joys, recipes or even advice on a dress color. Isn’t this so Mumbai?

In this journey of two to three hours each day, people forge many relationships with other commuters and with their environment. I wanted to capture the essence of this travel - the relationships, my own visual affair and most importantly the people. This is how the '#traindiaries' project started. This project is a visual, virtual photo diary that I maintain where I document, photograph, and pen down memories and experiences.

Anushree Fadnavis is a photojournalist with Indus Images in Mumbai, India. Her ongoing project #traindiaries and other work can be viewed on her instagram account @anushree_fadnavis