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Critics Report: Samsung Galaxy S III better than iPhone

Seems like Apple iPhone finally has a worthy opponent! Critics have praised the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best phone on the market, with some calling the new smartphone ‘light years ahead’ of its rival.

tech reviews Updated: May 30, 2012 02:19 IST

Critics have praised the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best phone on the market, with some calling the new smartphone 'light years ahead' of rival Apple's iPhone.

The latest Galaxy S smartphone was launched in Europe amidst much hype and is expected to hit Indian stores on May 31. Here's a look at what the tech reviewers are saying about the phone which can topple Apple's dominance in the smartphone market.


No, this isn’t the epiphany in metal, ceramic and glass we were hoping for from Samsung, but if the company had to compromise in some places on the Galaxy S III, we’d rather accept a somewhat plasticky handset with the incredible performance, brilliant screen and great camera than a nicely-dressed dog. We try not to read too much into raw benchmarking, but the day to day experience of the Galaxy S III suggests this is one of the best performing, most usable Android devices around, if not the best...If your phone has become your multimedia and entertainment hub; if you love a sizable display for gaming, browsing, navigation and multimedia; if you demand high-quality photos and video without bulk; and if you want to future-proof yourself over the typical two-year contract, then the Galaxy S III delivers all that in spades.


Samsung Galaxy S III launched in Europe

The Telegraph
The two most striking things about the S3 are its enormous, gorgeous screen and its surprising – by which I mean adequate – battery life...performance that, to be honest, feels like it does not yet have the software to properly test it, a gorgeous, huge screen and good, clever additions make the S3 feel, to me, like the best Android phone on the market. HTC’s One X comes very close, but even iPhone users should take a look at Samsung’s latest, greatest offering.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best smarpthone on the market. It's got every kind of feature we could ask for and more, and raises the bar once again in terms of what consumers should be expecting in terms of battery life, processor speed and media management.Would we recommend you buy one? Yes, without hesitation. If you're torn between this and an HTC One X, it's a very difficult one to call – the camera on the One X is much better and the overall feel might appeal. But in terms of pure usability and power, we really like what Samsung has put on the table.And if you're thinking about picking up an iPhone 4S: forget it.

Stuff Magazine
Combining great form with near-perfect function, the Samsung Galaxy S3 usurps the mighty HTC One X to become the new king of Android...Although some people may prefer the truer whites of the One X's screen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 still more than deserves to stand at the top of the pile, just above its HTC rival. Given its innovative software, expandable storage and much better battery life, the S3 has a rightful claim to be crowned the new king of Android phones. And Apple needs to watch its back... the smartphone war isn't won yet.

Samsung Galaxy S III delights with exclusive features


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the Ferrari of Android phones, with a gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p resolution display, an impossibly slim and light casing and a quad-core engine that goes like stink. This super-premium phone is very expensive, and the more you push it, the quicker it guzzles battery juice. It's certainly not a phone for everyone, but expect it to give the iPhone a good run for its money.


Samsung Galaxy S III to arrive in India on May 31

Trusted Reviews

We like the look of the Galaxy S3 from the front, with its simple design, curved corners and metal trim. However, the glossy plastic back really puts a damper on things - it just doesn't exude class or luxury. Otherwise this phone is either class-leading or at least on par. The processor is stunningly fast, the screen stunningly dazzling and the microSD slot stunningly practical. It may lack a certain wow factor but for features alone this phone has been worth the wait. Just. So all in all and in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands above the iPhone 4S and laughs at it. It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money.

In terms of the user experience, the fluidity of operation, the feature set, and in virtually every area that counts, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is light years ahead of Apple’s profitable darling.(reported by Daily Mail)

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