GAMING MANIA: Sniper Elite V2, Awesomenauts
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GAMING MANIA: Sniper Elite V2, Awesomenauts

While Sniper Elite V2 revisits post-war Berlin, Mortal Kombat is ready to duff up Vita owners in the upcoming weeks. We bring you a sneak-peek into the much-awaited video game releases this month.

tech reviews Updated: Apr 30, 2012 15:36 IST

Sniper Elite V2 revisits post-war Berlin, Awesomenauts makes a colorful ruckus on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, Mortal Kombat is ready to duff up Vita owners and cuddly Fable Heroes revisits old Albion.

Sniper Elite V2

(360 PC PS3)

North America: May 1, rated Mature 17+

European regions: May 4, 18+

Historical headshots and all the rest recreated in excruciating anatomical detail as players stake out war-torn Berlin on the look out for knowledgable V2 rocket scientists.

Price: $49 / €49 / £29 / R599

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition


North America: May 1, M17+

European regions: May 4, 18+

This Vita version of 2011's surprise champion fighter gains the PS3's extra characters (Kratos, Kruger), a bonus Challenge Tower, a not-so-secret augmented reality stage, and touchscreen features.

Price: $39 / €39 / £29


(360 PS3 via download)

North American PSN: May 1

Xbox Live, European PSN: May 2

Think Super Smash Bros. reimagined for high def consoles, think League of Legends' numerous characters and co-operative teamwork, think Joust's platforming antics for the online multiplayer age, think colorful stages and a slick cartoon style.

Price: 800 Points (~$10 / €8 / £7 / ¥1,180)

Fable Heroes

(360 via download)

Worldwide: May 2

Age ratings: Everybody 10+ (NA), 7+ (EU), B 12+ (JP)

Spun-off from the Fable series of role-playing adventures, this one embraces cuddly caricature and button-bashing excitement rooted in deepest Albion, complete with links to upcoming Kinect game Fable: The Journey.

Price: 1200 Points (~$15 / €14 / £10 / ¥1,780)



North America: May 8, Teen

European regions: May 9 (May 11 UK), 16+

Japan: May 10, D (17+)

Early PlayStation Network hit, third-person shooter Warhawk, goes galactic and adds base-building (read base-destroying), aerial combat and singleplayer to its online multiplayer recipe.

Price: $59 / €59 / £39 / R599 / ¥5,980


(360 via download)

International: May 9

Age ratings: E10+ (NA), 7+ (EU), All ages (JP)

Friendly, straightforward and charming construction game, originally on PC, brings with it Xbox 360-specific controls, multiplayer (whether split-screen or online) and the promise of Kinect integration further down the line.

Price: 1600 Points (~$20 / €19 / £14 / R149 / ¥2,370)

First Published: Apr 30, 2012 12:54 IST