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What not to post on Facebook

While we've got into the habit of posting whatever comes into our mind on Facebook, it's advisable to curb the enthusiasm. Here are 7 Facebook status updates one should never make.

tech reviews Updated: Jul 14, 2010 13:11 IST

While we have got into the habit of posting whatever comes into our mind on Facebook, it's advisable to curb the enthusism. Here's what not to post on facebook.

1) I Hate My Boss!
Posting anything like this on virtual space is probably not a good idea, especially if there are chances of your immediate boss visiting the page. Also, a nasty spy might convey your status update to the boss you so strongly hate. We suggest you to call a close pal instead to share your woes.

2) I Just Ate!
People who post minute-by-minute update of the mundane activities are tagged as boring on online space. So spice up your updates by posting something really interesting.

Facebook3) Inspirational Quotes

While you might think it's cool to instill positivity in the life of people by posting inspirational quotes, others might not like your preaching. Besides, these quotes are available all over the internet, so where's the originality?

4) Sex Updates

It’s really nice to know that your sex life is great, but honestly, most people don’t want to know. While some people may actually be interested, posting a public status update about your daily sex activities as well as your personal bodily functions will not get you any bonus points.

5) On The Toilet :)
We get that some people are posting status updates that inherently make fun of the concept of status updates. While clever, this abstract form of humour has already been done before and when someone posts a status update about how they are sitting on the toilet, nobody cares.

6) I Cheated!
Telling the world that you cheated on a test probably isn’t a good idea. Even worse would be if you posted a status about cheating and your teacher saw it, all hell will break loose.

7) Just Committed A Crime!
Did you just steal something? Perhaps a car or something smaller? Posting an update that you are committing a crime is a good way to get caught. Then again, you probably shouldn’t need to be taught this lesson … you are simply not a good criminal.

First Published: Jul 14, 2010 13:00 IST