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Which of these phones were you using before the iPhone was launched?

Check out whether or not your former phone is on our list.

tech Updated: Jun 29, 2017 23:16 IST
Sanshey Biswas
Sanshey Biswas
New Delhi, Hindustan Times
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The edge that iPhone had was all glass - on the front. The only button under the screen was one that took you home (home screen) no matter where you were. (File)

The Apple iPhone has been drawing lines at Apple Stores since it first launched on June 29, 2007. It debuted with an edge over all other phones that depended too much on buttons.

Blackberry was busy cramming QWERTY keyboards under tiny screens,Motorola was refusing to deviate from the flip design and the rest of the industry was busy catching up. Even the phones that had a touchscreen demanded you used a stylus to navigate your way through an interface that looked like a shrunk down version of Microsoft’s Windows OS.

The edge that iPhone had was all glass - on the front. The only button under the screen was one that took you home (home screen) no matter where you were.

While most of us would relate to the world of slider and flip phones, others might find it a bit confusing. So, here are a few examples of phones from 2006 that would seem absurd.

Nokia N95

A classic slider phone. Featured regularly on TV shows and considered a “smart” phone for its ability to help you navigate with Nokia maps and browse desktop websites. It even ran websites with Adobe Flash - a big deal in those days. It was also known for supporting Java games with graphics that could compete with the Nintendo’s Gameboy.

Curve 8300

Then there was the Blackberry Curve of 2006 with a full-QWERTY keyboard and a trackball. Yes, a trackball. Because the interface depended heavily on a cursor like a desktop computer. It played music, had a web browser and the ability to install some applications. It was popular for BBM - the pre-WhatsApp king of mobile messaging. The keyboard made it a favourite for anyone who needed to e-mail on the go.

Samsung i600

Even in 2006, Samsung was busy making phones that resembled its competitors. The i600 looked like a Blackberry Curve but had a scroll wheel to flip through menus for some reason. And for software it then relied on Microsoft like it relies on Google now.

Sony Ericsson K810i

Sony was then leaning on Ericsson to build phones and somehow never got over the success of their Walkmans. Most of their phones before and after the K series focused on music and photography. Well, the cameras were nowhere close to replacing even the point and shoot, but the speakers did pack a punch.

Motorola Razr Maxx

Motorola had a tight grip in the market with the Razr series. This iteration of Razr was built to last longer with a beefier battery. It also had all the features of the Razr phones - a web browser, mail client, music player and MMS.

Yes, these all qualified as “smart” phones before the iPhone came along. Which one were you using then? Is it on our list?

First Published: Jun 29, 2017 23:14 IST