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From April 1, all liquor bottles in the will have on their labels prominent statutory warnings, asking consumers to not drink and drive and outlining how alcohol consumption is harmful for health.(Getty Images)

Alcohol bottles to carry health warnings from April 1

By HT Correspondent | New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON MAR 25, 2019 11:46 PM IST
For alcoholic beverage bottles up to 200 ml, the letters on the label, all in capitals, should not be less than 1.5 mm high; bottles larger than 200 ml will have letters 3mm tall.
Is coconut oil harmful?(Shutterstock)
Is coconut oil harmful?(Shutterstock)

Is coconut oil really like poison? This is what nutrition experts have to say

By HT Correspondent | Hindustan Times
UPDATED ON AUG 24, 2018 03:46 PM IST
Recently a hot debate took over Twitter regarding health claims made by a Harvard professor who called coconut oil “pure poison”. He said that consuming coconut oil carries a lot of health risks. Here’s what experts have to say.
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