Named after English biologist Henry Nicholas Ridley who first reported the sighting of the turtles in Brazil in 1887, the omnivorous Olive Ridleys are among the smallest of the marine turtle species in the world.(PTI PHOTO.)

Dehradun’s WII to carry out 3rd satellite telemetry study on Olive Ridley turtles

By Debabrata Mohanty | Edited by Sohini Sarkar | Hindustan Times, Bhubaneswar
UPDATED ON NOV 14, 2020 03:17 PM IST
The study, the third such by the institute, would examine whether there has been any change in the traditional migratory route of the marine turtles from the Odisha coast to Sri Lanka. It would also find out if some of these turtles stay near the Odisha shoreline instead of migrating out after the nesting season is over in March-April.
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