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(Clockwise from top left) Gayatri, a Tamil Brahmin and Milan, a Mallu Christian married each other after a decade-long wait; Saheli Maity and Yogesh talk about overcoming their personal differences in their story; Kalki and her partner, Guy Hershberg share their cross-country love story; Sudipa and Tridip Mandal, an inter-caste couple, narrate their secret wedding; Alisha and Abhiraj Purandare’s tale is about embracing each other’s religious customs; and Sreeya Sen and Vikram D’Souza speak about overcoming an unconventional age gap with their tale!

HT Brunch Social Media Star of the Week: India Love Project

By Shruti Nair | Hindustan Times
UPDATED ON DEC 13, 2020 08:16 AM IST
The Instagram page that is promoting love without barriers with their sweet and impactful posts
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