Pet cat breaks record for being tallest in the world at 1 foot 68 inches

Published on Oct 01, 2022 01:09 PM IST

Pet cat from the USA breaks Guinness World record for being the tallest.

The tallest cat in the world belongs to Dr Will Powers(Instagram/GuinnessWorldRecords)
The tallest cat in the world belongs to Dr Will Powers(Instagram/GuinnessWorldRecords)
ByVrinda Jain

Meet the world's tallest pet cat. A Savannah cat from Michigan, USA, named Fenrir Antares Powers, measuring 18.83 inches from shoulder to toe, has been named the world's tallest cat, according to the Guinness World Records. The cat belongs to Dr William John Powers who has had multiple cats with their own Guinness World Records. Fenrir is the latest record holder in the Power's household.

Savannah cats are a hybrid breed from mating a domestic cat with an African serval, as per the Guinness World Record website. The International Cat Association (TICA) recognises the F2 Savannah cat, as a domestic breed. At the end of the 1990s, this uncommon cross gained popularity among breeders, and in 2001 recognised it as a brand-new official breed

The website stated further, Fenrir's grandfather, Kongo, a Serval, was a tall wild cat who passed his height to his progeny. Even though Fenrir is a wild cat's offspring, he stands one inch taller than a standard Savannah cat, making an exceptional height for his breed. Fenrir may even be on track to outgrow his late sibling Arcturus's height at only two years and ten months old. Arcturus was 48.4 cm (19.05 inches) tall and held the record for being the largest domestic cat ever in 2016.

Take a look at the world's tallest domestic cat here:

Since Guinness World Record's official Instagram handle uploaded a video of the cat, it has been viewed more than three lakh times. The video also has, up to 19,000 likes and several comments. Many people were impressed with the height of the cat. An Instagram user mentioned, "That's a leopard." Another person said, "I love this cat. Wish I can get one of its babies." A third person also said, "God's Last minute decision from tiger to cat."

Powers told Guinness World Records"I kept a growth chart of both cats, and Fen was neck and neck with Arc all throughout his kittenhood. "I also feed Fenrir the same special diet I developed for Arcturus, so with similar genetics and the same environment; it's not shocking that he grew as massive as he did."

He further added, "Arcturus passed in a tragic house fire five years ago shortly after getting his record, and his parents, Dream and Myst, were unable to conceive and have further kittens after that, until approximately two years later when Myst unexpectedly became pregnant again."

Dr Will enjoys taking Fenrir out in public and educating spectators. He generally advises people to adopt a cat rather than shop for them. He even says those who have purchased exotic cats or felines with unusual characteristics to seek out a Guinness World Records title and use their pet's celebrity to help animals in need.

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