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Bigg Boss 11 Dec 27 written update: So, Luv grew a pair of breasts

Bigg Boss 11 Dec 27 written update: The drama inside the Bigg Boss house was overshadowed by the drama between the family members in the secret room. Vikas and Akash’s mothers were just as aggressive as their sons.

Bigg Boss 11 Salman Khan Updated: Dec 28, 2017 00:00 IST
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Bigg Boss 11 Dec 27 written update: Luv tries to make everyone laugh.
Bigg Boss 11 Dec 27 written update: Luv tries to make everyone laugh.

The new task on Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss involved the contestants being made to ignore the chosen housemate while they tried their best to attract the others’ attention, while the contestants’ family and friends watched from the secret room. The prize would be that the winner would get to meet their loved one.

First up was Hina, and she tried everything - from targeting Akash, whom she considers the most easily distracted, to actually falling over and hurting herself. Once the buzzer rang to indicate the task’s completion, Hina sent everyone on a guilt trip by saying she ‘seriously fell down’. But Puneesh wasn’t buying it.

Next up was Priyank, who also targeted Akash and offered him some food. To the surprise of everyone, Akash ate the food. Priyank’s next plan of attack was upturning the garbage bin and spreading trash all over the house. He didn’t get a reaction then, but when the buzzer rang, he got a stern talking to from everyone else - not to mention that he had to clear up after himself.

It was Shilpa Shinde’s turn next, and she used her comedic abilities to get a reaction, but nothing worked. For Luv’s turn, Akash seemed to have given up after striking a deal with the others which would mean he gets reactions in return when it’s his turn. But Luv struck gold when he wore padding inside his t-shirt to make it seem as if he’d grown a pair of breasts. Everyone laughed when they saw him.

Puneesh decided that the best way to win was to shave Luv’s hair with an electric razor. He didn’t follow through, though.

When Akash’s turn came, he didn’t know what to do, because Puneesh double crossed him and didn’t give him any reaction like he’d promised. Only Priyank returned the favour. In the room next door, Akash’s mom became emotional because she felt her trusting son had been betrayed again. She began crying and turning on the others. The betrayal didn’t sit well with Akash, who lost it and began saying that he hoped his mother would also pick fights with other family members in his defence.

Vikas’ strategy was pretending to put poop in a tissue and sticking it the other contestants’ faces. It didn’t work because no one believed it was real poop.

The family members were asked to declare the winner of the task, and after much discussion and deliberation (and arguments), they declared Luv the winner.

The next episode’s preview hinted at a fight between the moms next door, and a much awaited meeting between the families.

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