Friendship Day: TV actors raise a toast to friendship, talk about their best buddies

On Friendship Day, small screen stars talk about their best friends who help them stay grounded; tell all about the most special moments they shared with them.

tv Updated: Aug 06, 2017 10:11 IST
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Actor Ssharad Malhotraa with his best friend Prateek Chakravorty.

Friends are forever and these TV stars definitely do not need a special day to celebrate their friendship and the close bond they share. On Friendship Day today, we asked small screen stars to share with us their best moments with their BFFs who complete their existence.

Shashank Vyas on Adaa Khan

I don’t have many friends in the TV industry. I met Adaa (Khan, actor) at Pratyusha’s (Banerjee) birthday party five years. We hit it off instantly, more so because of our love for travel and good food. Whenever we catch up, we discuss everything that is happening in our lives. We are just a call away from each other. In a city like Mumbai it is important to have few close friends. She is one of them. Since we are both from the same industry we often discuss work too. I am happy that she is doing well career wise. It’s important to have right friends in life and Adaa is that friend for me.

Keith Sequeira on Rochelle Rao

She was with me one lovely, cool morning on a hot air balloon ride and it is where our friendship first took off. I would repeat it with her anytime forever. Though we are now engaged and will soon get married, she will always remain my best friend first.

Shakti Arora on Mahavir Mehta

More than a friend Mahavir (Mehta, share market consultant) is like a mentor to me. I look up to him for everything—the kind of person he is, the way he runs his business and how he balances every area of his life. We have an age gap of a few years (Shakti is younger to Mahavir) but that has never been a problem because we think alike about almost everything. We are each other’s partners in crime. I consider him to be my brother from another mother.

Pankhuri Awasthi on Arushi Narang

She stays in Delhi and she’s not just a partner in crime, I’d say she’s been my partner in everything for the last 14 years. We’ve stayed together almost like a couple in both good and bad times. I think the one thing, we often did together and totally enjoyed was making prank calls to other close friends.

Vahbiz Dorabjee on Shefali Suvarna Shetty

In my life, my friends play an important part. They have always been a support system for me. In today’s date, the person I consider my bosom pal is Shefali Suvarna Shetty (Salon owner). I love her to the bits. Shefali is a lovely human being. She laughs with me when I am happy and cries with me when I am sad. She is a genuine and helpful person, who is fiercely independent. I have learned a lot from her. Friendship means extended family. Those who understand even your silence and are there for you unconditionally are your true friends. We don’t actually need a day to celebrate friendship because we celebrate it every moment.

Hunar Hale on Chavvi Pandey

We were shooting in Bhopal for our show and ventured out in the unknown city on our day off with our faces covered to try different types of street food famous in the city. I played a prank on her by telling her that some group of people is following us from the time we left the hotel and that got her shit scared and she started walking damn fast back to the hotel. I kept playing along and also acted scared. Later after reaching the hotel, I had a great laugh telling her that I played a prank.

Ssharad Malhotraa on Prateek Chakravorty

I am best friends with Prateek (Chakravorty, director and producer), who directed as well as produced my debut Bollywood film, From Sydney With Love (2012). During the making of the film, we had a blast. While working on the film we developed a great bond with each other. We are like brothers, who have been by each other’s side through thick and thin. I hope our friendship remains one that lasts a lifetime. In an industry where it is not easy to develop and maintain a friendship, ours stayed strongest. We know each other inside out.

Parul Chauhan on Chirag Thakkar

My best friend Chirag (Thakkar, actor) is very special to me. He is a very important part of my life. Chirag understands me so well that at times I feel he can read my silence too. We are each other’s pillar of strength. He is my go-to person for everything in my life. He has taught me how to live life on my own terms and made me strong emotionally. I respect Chirag a lot. I don’t think we need a day to celebrate our friendship. Chirag is and always will be the person I can trust even with my eyes closed.

Jay Soni on Pooja Shah

My wife and I had an arranged marriage but we surely developed a strong friendship. We feel like we are growing up together, so all fun and pranks are together. She is my best friend today, we have our share of arguments and fun times too, but it only makes our bond stronger and I am glad we chose each other.

Jasmin Bhasin on Pankaj Bhalla

Friends play a very important role in our lives, so what’s the harm if we have a day dedicated to them once a year. Friendship day, for me, is an occasion when we can make our closet companion feel special and express our love and gratitude towards them. My best friend is Pankaj (Bhalla, model and actor) We became friends when I did not know anybody in Mumbai and he was the one who helped me, accompanied me for auditions and was always there whenever I needed him, be it anytime of the day. He is like family to me.

Sahil Mehta on Esha Danait

We rode cycles on a highway in Austria that didn’t allow cyclists but we did it to save time and energy, as it was a way shorter route. She was on for it more than I was. So about her I’ll only say is that all circles are straight when she’s with me.

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