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Not again, please!

Two more shows, Bitto and Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabadwalemean two-much pain to the senses.

tv Updated: May 20, 2010 13:48 IST
Rachana Dubey
Rachana Dubey
Hindustan Times

Time: 8.30 pm
Cast: Vishal Malhotra (host),
Cast: Pallavi Gupta and others

For starters, the idea of going into the social-message drama milieu is putting-off. It leaves you with a me-too feeling in the head because there are too many such shows already. If you manage to get over that feeling, you’ll reach the story which is about caste discrimination in UP’s remote pockets, something that was a stark reality in the 1980s, but not so much today. And look, you’re already yawning at the thought of that!

Anyway, Bitto and family belong to the chhoti jaatwale (lower caste) and live in the Dakhintola side of the village. This place is replete with a villainous thakur, his military, a rebel girl in love with a high caste boy and the leading lady with a soft heart. You know what to expect from the show — atrocities, anti-establishment dialogue, romance and a generous dose of drama.

The reason for the ratings are: the usage of language, which is very close to the actual dialect spoken in the interiors; the way the show establishes each character, including the smallest actor with just a few minutes of screen time.

In the acting department, the actors need to start performing. Technically, the show is too slow and predictable.

What we like
The usage of Awadhi mixed with Hindi. It’s better than a lot of other shows that deal with shows that are based in the interiors of UP.
The script is quite good because attention has been paid on carefully sketching all the characters regardless of the length of their roles.
Pallavi Gupta looks believable (only if she could use less make-up) but needs to work hard on her performance.

and don’t like
Wai has been done to death in almost all the shows that have anything to do with the interiors of India. The locations make the show look somewhat stale.
It’s a me-too show in terms of being the umpteenth in its genre, and fails to stand apart in that sense.
It’s slow and hence becomes a little boring.

Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabadwale
Time: 9.30 pm
Cast: Divyanka Tripathi and Rajesh Kumar

Wish the ratings could diminish some more! This one takes the wedding cake and even the bakery in being a howlarious laugh riot. It barely makes you laugh to begin with. It’s unbelievable, the kind of simpletons there are, in the Sharma clan.
They pay four times the money to coolies at railway stations, they try to act smart in the most ridiculous ways and they have a disgusting home-mate who refuses to leave their rented house because she doesn’t have a place to go to. Every one hams to death.

It’s irritating to sit through the episodes. You’re tempted to switch the channel.

It’s a pleasure to see Divyanka Tripathi back on a show though. Ditto Rajesh Kumar. But the least one expected was a show like this to mark their return. They’re hugely wasted in their respective characters. Sorry, no more words to waste here!

What we like
It’s nice to see Divyanka Tripathi and Rajesh Kumar back on the small screen.

and don’t like
The story is very boring.
The treatment of the show is even worse.
Everyone is made to ham.
You can’t believe that someone coming from UP can be such a simpleton. There’s a difference between being wide-eyed and being unnecessarily silly.

First Published: May 20, 2010 13:25 IST