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  • The Opposition is either setting itself up as a minor variant of the BJP, or giving up already, or countering new politics with old and rusty instruments. All three methods will fail
    Aug 07, 2020 17:51 IST
    The failure of the Opposition is on display yet again. It needs a new leader, a new language, a new more
  • Ten years after the Right to Education came into force, let us take bold steps to give every child the right to learning
    Aug 07, 2020 18:17 IST
    By calling it the greatest equaliser, and laying out clear learning targets, the National Education Policy does the right thing. Build on it more
  • Kazumi Matsui, right, mayor of Hiroshima, and the family of the deceased bow before they place the victims list of the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima Memorial Cenotaph during the ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the bombing, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, August 6, 2020
    Aug 07, 2020 17:39 IST
    Nuclear weapons have been associated with the Cold War. But their spread and development today is firmly embedded in the evolving Indo-Pacific strategic more
  • NGO workers hand over dry ration to sex workers, Pune , June 23, 2020
    Aug 07, 2020 17:46 IST
    There are 6,57,800 sex workers in India, according to a 2016 UNAIDS study. Other estimates put the number at three million. The lockdown and social distancing measures have pushed them to the edge. more
  • The Centre has appointed Manoj Sinha as the new constitutional head of Jammu and Kashmir
    Aug 07, 2020 06:13 IST
    Manoj Sinha will be judged on whether he can revive the political more
  • The Mandal moment saw ferocious backlash by sections of upper castes. This opposition was articulated on two axes — the fact that reservations compromised merit, and if at all reservations should open up beyond what was offered to Scheduled Castes and Tribes, it should be on economic lines
    Aug 07, 2020 06:11 IST
    It empowered. But it also opened a Pandora’s more
  • The values that Mughal-e-Azam embodies need to be cherished
    Aug 07, 2020 06:12 IST
    Mughal-e-Azam, exactly 60 years ago, displayed a bold imagination of the nation, law, governance and more