Watch | Police release chilling car crash compilation for awareness

UPDATED ON DEC 03, 2015 05:18 PM IST
About The Video

The Indian Police releases a hair-raising car crash compilation to create awareness over deadly roads. The videos show miraculous close calls captured on close circuit cameras installed on the traffic signals of major roads in Kolkata, in West Bengal, in eastern India. The compilation begins with the video of a man who is hit by a speeding taxi and tossed over. But, amazingly, the man just gets up and walks away. Another clip captures the hair-raising moment when an overloaded truck loses balance, hits a tram and then smashes into a second tram. For a second, it feels the truck would turn upside down but thankfully for the driver, he manages to keep control. Footage showing the chilling moment a biker crashes into a reckless pedestrian carrying some luggage on his head and loses control only to crash has also been released. According to the traffic police spokesman, the clips have been released publicly to raise awareness among commuters. Dozens of traffic accidents are reported in the city of Kolkata each day.


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