World’s first fluorescent frog found in Argentina

UPDATED ON APR 22, 2017 02:05 PM IST
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Scientists in Argentina have discovered the world's first fluorescent, which emits a bright green glow when under UV light. Scientists at Buenos Aires' Natural Sciences Museum made the discovery by accident when researching the polka-dot tree frog's metabolic origins of its normally dull complexion. Under normal light the frog is a dull yellow-brown colour with red dots. But when under UV light, experts found the fluorescent colour was so bright that even the frog's organs could be seen. According to a study in a natural sciences journal, the frog glows under UV light using both lymph and glandular secretions. The polka-dot frog is native to South America and was discovered near Santa Fe in Argentina. Scientists are now investigating if the glow is due to the frog's habitat or particular to the species.


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