Watch | Daredevil hangs from 150ft high tower with just one hand

UPDATED ON DEC 17, 2015 03:07 PM IST
About The Video

Thrill-seeker Matthew Adams films himself hanging from a 150ft high water tower - with just ONE HAND! The daredevil couldn't resist himself despite a similar stunt hospitalising him for six months with a broken back in February 2014. His catalogue of broken bones from the fall included both heels, his pelvis, an arm, a wrist, two vertebrae in his back and his sacrum. The unemployed 23-year-old had vowed to give up the hobby after those injuries, but said he couldn't resist the lure of the adrenaline. His response to critics is, “They say I'm a nuisance to the public, but I'm not harming anyone other than myself.”


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