By Trisha Sengupta
Published August 14, 2020

Hindustan Times


benefits of
mustard oil

Credit: Pixabay

Heat up some mustard oil slightly, massage on scalp two hours before shampoo, and wash properly for shiny hair

Credit: Pixabay

Mix half teaspoon of mustard oil, rice flour and honey. Apply on face and neck, wash after 15 minutes for smoother skin

Rich in vitamins, this oil works wonders on dry skin patches

Credit: Pixabay

Apply mustard oil on brittle nails and massage lightly. Leave overnight for best result

Mix drops of mustard oil, lemon and salt. Use the mixture occasionally to brush your teeth to remove stains

It acts as a good massage oil

Mix mustard, olive, and coconut oils in equal proportions, apply before shampoo. Rinse properly for soft hair

Credit: Pixabay

Apply on cracked heels to make them smoother

Mustard oil has several beneficial properties. Cooking food in the oil can improve health

Massaging lukewarm mustard oil regularly can help ease aches in muscles and joints

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