10 beautiful forests
around the world


By Trisha Sengupta
Published December 13, 2020

Hindustan Times


Black Forest, Germany

 It is the country’s largest wooded area. It’s a mountainous area filled with fir and pine trees

The Crooked Forest, Poland

This place is famous for oddly shaped pine trees. From the base the trees grow with a sharp bend, but then they curve back and continue to grow straight

CREDIT: Pixabay

Tongass National Forest, USA

 Located in Alaska, this place houses a wide variety of flora and fauna

CREDIT: Facebook/ @TongassNF

Hallerbos, Belgium

This forest is famous for its stunning wild bluebell hyacinths that bloom around mid-April every year

CREDIT: Pixabay

Amazon Rainforest

This is a vast region that spans over 8 countries. It houses different species of plants, animals, freshwater fish, and reptiles

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

This is a reserve founded in 1972. This place is a home to an array of birds, big cats and insects

CREDIT: Instagram@centrocientificotropical

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Located in Arashiyama district of western Kyoto, this place draws tourists from all across the world

Dragon's Blood Forest, Yemen

These trees have an unusual umbrella-like appearance and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world

Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest, USA

Located in Hawaii, the trees in this forest are known around the world for their multi-coloured bark

CREDIT: Pixabay

The Sundarbans

Spread across parts of India and Bangladesh, it is the world's largest continuous mangrove forest

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