10 benefits of papaya to explore


By Trisha Sengupta
Published March 8, 2021

Hindustan Times


Papaya helps in improving digestion


This fruit is a powerhouse for vitamins and minerals which help in boosting immunity

Papaya helps in improving heart health

This low-calorie fruit is excellent for weight loss


Rubbing raw papaya juice or ripe papaya pulp on skin helps in removing tan

This fruit helps in improving eyesight


Applying a paste made from papaya pulp, half cup of besan, three spoons of curd, a few drops of rosewater, and one lemon juice on the face and neck for 20 minutes and washing with cold water helps in getting smoother and brighter skin


 It helps in dealing with irregular periods


Applying a paste of papaya pulp, half cup curd and a tablespoon of honey on the scalp for 20 minutes and rinsing with lukewarm water helps in nourishing the scalp

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